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Comment Re:color me naive (Score 1) 152

Net Neutrality helps Google and other upstart companies that threaten Microsoft. It looks like they are pretending to be in favor of it for PR reasons while secretly funding "grassroots" efforts against it. Of course, Microsoft is an old hand at these phony grassroots efforts by now, ever since the days of the antitrust trial.

Submission + - Parallel computing in Python

Krishna Dagli writes: "Is it really possible to write high performance/parallel code without knowing C/Fortran and MPI? This link about Star P product suggests that existing Python code will not require reprogramming and Python users don't have to become parallel programming experts to take advantage of parallel processing architectures."

Submission + - Parallels Desktop for Mac 3.0 Pre Order (parallels.com)

Boris_javert writes: "Many Parallels customers received an email today stating 'After months of intensive development, Parallels is just weeks away from releasing its latest version of the hottest Mac software. Voted Reader's Choice by MacWorld and ranked #6 on PC World's Top 100 List, Parallels Desktop for Mac continues to drive innovation and take the Mac community by storm, now with 50+ brand new features.' This release includes ne features like SmartSelect, 3d and OpenGL graphic support for games and cad applications, and with the promise of Vista Aero support shortly behind. Its interesting to note the close timing this has with Apples WWDC. Could Parallels be trying make preemptive strike move? More on this from http://parallelsvirtualization.blogspot.com/2007/0 5/yes-you-heard-rightparallels-desktop-30.html"

Submission + - Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware?

Lank writes: According to an article on CNN Money, Parallels and VMware can not only run Windows on Macs, but also allow OS X on non-Apple computers! Serguei Beloussov, the CEO of SWsoft, parent company to Parallels, insists that this ability is not deliberate but rather a byproduct Intel's built-in virtualization technology. "I wonder what Steve Jobs is going to do, because there is so much pressure to run Mac OS on non-Macs. There's no technical reason not to do it. He's so proprietary about everything, yet it could be a very strategic move for him to make," CEO of VMware Diane Greene said. But I feel the decision still belongs to Jobs.
United States

Journal Journal: What Is the National Guard Doing at the Border?

Last May, President Bush asked the National Guard to support the Border Patrol. The National Guard is running the communications equipment and cameras so that the Border Control can concentrate on stopping illegal aliens.
On Jan. 3rd, four members of the Arizona National Guard saw four illegal aliens at the border, moved to a safe location, and called the Border Patrol. When the Border Patrol arrived with helicopters blazing, the illegal aliens ran back across the border.
Much of Arizo
The Internet

Submission + - Domain registrar Registerfly not renewing domains

CmdrPete writes: According to users of registerflies.com, countless domain owners are having nothing but problems lately with popular discount domain name registrar registerfly.com. My experience was typical: orders for domain renewals were charged to my credit card but never completed, trouble tickets go unanswered, and chat sessions with support are never answered. Some customers, unable to get help, have watched their domains expire and their online businesses vanish.

Complaints about net-based companies are nothing new, but what happens when registrars, who have huge numbers of domains and livelihoods in their control, unravel?
Data Storage

Submission + - Does Bittorrent destroy my Harddisk?

LittleGuernica writes: I often have my bittorrent client running, downloading the software of my choice. As all the data trickles in, I wonder if it slowly kills my harddrive, because data keeps being written and read constantly. Is Bittorrent straining my harddisk or is it business as usual?

Journal Journal: Why "C:\Program Files\" ?!? 2

I've always installed software to the default location authored by the vendor, usually somewhere under "c:\Program Files\". Most installation software vendors (InstallShield, Wise, etc.) tout that location as an "industry standard best practice" for installing software on Windows systems and point to Microsoft's Application Development Guidelines. Now I'm working on the next release of some software that has been installed to a folder on the root of the hard drive for 25 years (that's not a ty

Submission + - Keep your laptop from hurting you

NewsCloud writes: "If you're like me, you spend a lot of time working on your laptop in chaotic ergonomic environs. I've made a list of five simple tips that helped me improve my laptop ergonomics to overcome some recent neck pain and headaches. The arrival of widescreen portables with shorter displays, like the MacBook, are just making these problems worse for people. As beautiful and compact as these devices are, it would be nice to see more industry attention to this issue (my post includes a few suggestions). Slashdot has touched on ergonomics before as well: OSHA Getting Tougher About Ergonomics , Input Solutions for Repetitive Stress Victims? , Making Modifications to Your Computer Workspace? and How Effective are Ergonomic Keyboards? ."
The Internet

Submission + - Google, Microsoft Escalate Data Center Battle

miller60 writes: "The race by Microsoft and Google to build next-generation data centers is intensifying. On Thursday Microsoft announced a $550 million San Antonio project, only to have Google confirm plans for a $600 million site in North Carolina. It appears Google may just be getting started, as it is apparently planning two more enormous data centers in South Carolina, which may cost another $950 million. These "Death Star" data centers are emerging as a key assets in the competitive struggle between Microsoft and Google, which have both scaled up their spending (as previously discussed on Slashdot). Some pundits, like PBS' Robert X. Cringley, say the scope and cost of these projects reflect the immense scale of Google's ambitions."
The Internet

Submission + - Krak demands money from blogger who linked to them

Paul O'Flaherty writes: "Krak.dk, a danish company has demanded that a blogger pay them 5625 DKK (about 940 USD) because he linked to their site. This was not hotlinking. It was a direct link to page. They have a "no deep linking" policy hidden away in the copyright section of their help pages. But no mention of it anywhere else on the site.

Per Kaarup, a good friend of mine who has been running a Danish WordPress blog about his two dogs received an letter from Krak.dk stating that they were going to charge him 5625 DKK (about 940 USD) because he linked to their site.

Per, for the last two years, has had a link in the footer of his web page, and on his contact page, to a page on Krak.dk which displayed his home. This page has a small copyright notice on the map section of the page itself stating in Danish that it is copyright and you can’t use it.

Per was not using the map, he was directly linking to the page on which it is displayed, and the page itself is much more than just the map.

How long before other sites start doing this?. Full story."

Submission + - iPhone to Use XScale Processor

Tony Dennis writes: While there is much uncertainty surrounding the new iPhone, another piece of the puzzle has been solved: the iPhone will use the XScale processor. Dario Bucci, Intel's CEO of the Italian operations, stated in an interview with Il Sole 24 Ore, a local paper, Apple has turned to Marvell [Italian] to power their revolutionary cell phone. With this being the case, did Intel give up on the XScale architecture a little too quickly?

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