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Submission + - Google Drive has arrived, offers up to 1TB of storage

An anonymous reader writes: The buzz surrounding the cloud storage service, Google Drive, has been increasing dramatically over the last month. Leaks about the service seemed to be coming from every nook and cranny of the internet, filled with the knowledge that the best features have yet to be unveiled. The most consistent rumor in recent days — that Google Drive would be released today — was confirmed as Senior Vice President of Google Chrome and Apps Sundar Pichai brought Google Drive to the world with his blog post. Now that the service has been released, the question of the day is how the it compares to the rest of the cloud storage products available today.

Submission + - Could your car be hacked?

Pat Attack writes: I think most of the people who read Slashdot know that if it has circuitry, it can be hacked. Well the good folks over at CNN have an article about the potential for your car to be hacked. This article lists the potential damage that could be done, proof of concept work, as well as a few scary scenarios. My mom reads CNN and is a Luddite. I expect to hear from her today. She'll probably tell me my new car with bluetooth is unsafe.

Submission + - Preserved 298-Million-Year-Old Forest Discovered (inhabitat.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Scientists just discovered an incredibly preserved 298-million-year-old forest buried deep beneath a coal mine in Wuda, China. The ancient forest in Inner Mongolia was preserved by volcanic ash, much like Pompeii. Both Chinese and American scientists are marveling at finds of 80-foot-tall trees from the Permian Era, which provide an incredible snapshot of plant life 298 million years ago.

Submission + - Body armor inspiration from a fish?

Pat Attack writes: "Could fish scales inspire body body armor? Researcher Marc Meyers of UC San Diego thinks so.
According to the article: 'A huge fish that is impervious to piranha attacks could become the inspiration for a new class of ultratough composite materials.'
The outside of the scale is covered with a bone-like mineral and the inside of a flexible fibrous material."

Submission + - Google "Does No Evil"... (reuters.com)

alreaud writes: "Looking at Google's concept of "Do No Evil", one has to ask: "How does skipping the most popular question on YouTube to President Obama serve the concept of Do No Evil?" Monday, the POTUS had a Google+ hangout, and the most voted upon question on YouTube was: "Mr. President, my name is Stephen Downing, and I'm a retired deputy chief of police from the Los Angeles Police Department. From my decades of law enforcement experience I have come to see our country's drug policies as a failure and a complete waste of criminal justice resources. According to the Gallup Poll, the number of Americans who support legalizing and regulating marijuana now outnumber those who support continuing prohibition. What do you say to this growing voter constituency that wants more changes to drug policy than you have delivered in your first term?""

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