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Comment Re:Headache...or Clue? (Score 1) 146

Or, as NASA said today, dark matter may be black holes.(http://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2016/nasa-scientist-suggests-possible-link-between-primordial-black-holes-and-dark-matter). If I were an astrophysicist, I might know why the author didn't just pull out a calculator and figure out how many 30 solar mass black holes would likely be near us (assuming uniform distribution) to account for average observed galactic rotational speed anomaly, and if the kepler telescope (or another) could be used to look for star flickers from all the gravitation lensing of all these black holes roaming about.

Comment Re:No... (Score 1) 257

The tests you mention were not tests of how the compton effect (EMP amplification that only occurs with high altitude detonations) would damage infrastructure which is now controlled by modern computer chips (which are 5 magnitudes more sensitive to EMP than the transistors that were commonplace at the times of those tests).

Comment No... (Score 1) 257

One tumbling EMP nuke detonated above the atmosphere over the center of the US would plunge most of the country into darkness for months, if not years. It would interrupt the production and delivery of food, medicine and clean water. The number of US casualties, after a few months, could be worse than all past attacks and wars combined.

Comment Re: Penny (Score 1) 702

You could also take the opinion that the concept of a firearm today is something the signatories to the second amendment could hardly imagine...

One could also take the opinion that if the signatories couldn't imagine firearms that simply shot bullets faster, then there's certainly no possible way they could have imagined the discovery of electricity and all the ways it would facilitate speech, therefore the first amendment should not apply to any electronic communication, if the second amendment should not apply to modern arms!

Comment Best way to convert a "non-science" stickler (Score 3, Funny) 288

If you find yourself talking to a person who dismisses talk of multiverses or string theory as no better than talk of the supernatural, just ask them what a person would see while falling into a black hole. They will proceed to tell you their version. Then ask if someone outside the hole can ever verify anything they just said. They will say no, communication won't work from inside an event horizon to the outside. Then ask, if everything they said is all based on conjecture and extrapolating known laws, and can't be experimentally verified, why do they feel it merits discussion?

Comment Re:Reminder: Holographic theory != Simulation (Score 1) 157

So... uh, does Phil Plait or Neil Degrasse Tyson read Slashdot?

Try the book "Spooky Action at a Distance." It challenges the idea that 4D spacetime is fundamental, because of observations of entanglement. It discusses both the holographic universe theory, and also geometrogenesis under quantum graphity. http://guidetoreality.blogspot...

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