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Submission + - Google Drive has arrived, offers up to 1TB of storage

An anonymous reader writes: The buzz surrounding the cloud storage service, Google Drive, has been increasing dramatically over the last month. Leaks about the service seemed to be coming from every nook and cranny of the internet, filled with the knowledge that the best features have yet to be unveiled. The most consistent rumor in recent days — that Google Drive would be released today — was confirmed as Senior Vice President of Google Chrome and Apps Sundar Pichai brought Google Drive to the world with his blog post. Now that the service has been released, the question of the day is how the it compares to the rest of the cloud storage products available today.

Submission + - Facebook posts acted out live online (cnn.com)

PolygamousRanchKid writes: "Stuff Theater," happening live until 9 a.m. Thursday, is taking the magical, mundane and sometimes mystifying world of Facebook posts to the stage in a 24-hour performance. Sponsored by online security company Norton, the experimental project lets Facebook users volunteer their profiles. If selected, a post from their page will be acted out during the event, which began Wednesday morning at a Chicago theater and is streaming live on Norton's Facebook page. Facebook apps go beyond 'like' feature "We believe it's truly an experimental way to capture people's attention in a relevant way," said Sally Jenkins, Norton's vice president of worldwide consumer marketing.

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