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Comment Re:No news! (Score 1) 75

The political stuff is the worst. Every wingnut in your feed wants to spread their particular gospel. It's even worse than the blatantly religious stuff. The problem is probably what some people consider "news". Plus you've got idiots that start foaming at the mouth because they stumble onto something that feeds into their favorite narrative. It doesn't occur to them that it's an obvious satire site. It's sad, hilarious, and annoying all at once.

All memes are bullshit.

Someone may have a valid observation but they quickly run off the rails and jump the shark with extreme and absurd sh*t.

I could understand how a telepath might go nuts and would just want it all to shut off.

Comment Re:Why is this bad?? (Score 1) 172

It's just like radio.

Sure, radio makes some money but they're really an advertising arm of the publishers. They expose people to things that they can then go and buy. They keep the publishers in business.

Some publishers even PAID for the privelege.

Google can just index everything else. They are the gateway for EVERYTHING, not just lame troll bait news organizations.

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