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Comment A new harddrive for my PC! (Score 1) 84

The good news: new harddrives will have the size of a pin. The bad news: it'll require the scanning tunneling microscope attached to work:

So, now, it'll require more 10 years to work to reduce the scanning tunneling microscope to the size of current harddrives.

Comment Re:Liberals to the rescue! (Score 2) 139

The biggest problem with liberalism is liberals.

That would be people that are driven by what "feels right" versus what "makes sense". They will happily ignore important legal principles that protect us from tyranny so long as they happen to be getting their way. They give no thought to the future or potential consequences.

They only fixate on getting the free rainbow unicorn. They give no consideration to how much the stable fees will be.

Modern liberals also have also abandoned classical liberal values. They deserve scorn an derision just for that.

Comment Re:I could not agree more (Score 1) 1001

Bubble sort is something that should stick in your head like mental debris simply because you should have been exposed to it as a computer science student. It's like any number of other things from the standard curriculum that "smart people" seem to be ignorant of.

It's more along the lines of did you go to school for this? Did you attend class? Did you actually pay attention?

If you've forgotten everything you've ever been taught in the life just what value do you think you bring to any team?

Comment Re: Editors, you stripped the original title (Score 1) 642

Except some women like being grabbed by the pussy and will happily accommodate you given the right conditions. They have their own free will and sometimes they make choices you don't approve of. THAT was the whole point of the anecdote that certain people get their panties in a bunch over.

Screeching modern feminists have a problem accepting the idea that they can both be respected and a sex object. This is a pretty sad 50s idea really.

They want to control women's bodies every much as religious old men do. They just use a different pretense to come justify their actions.

Comment SMS? (Score 1) 92

Come on Google... It was cool when you get web search or the email and improve it in a way nobody was pushing. But you're talking about improve SMS when since more than 5 years ago we started to use Whatsapp (or Facebook messenger) or whatever. Remind me of the aliens on Simpsons saying they improved our table tennis sport in an electronic way and the result was a game like Pong.

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