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Comment Re: I predict (Score 1) 557

No. Esoteric is something that the vast majority of users don't use and have never heard of and it would never occur to them to do.

This is why Macs can be so useful. The vast majority of consumer users don't need obscure vertical apps or an overwrought word processor. Using a spreadsheet doesn't even occur to them.

Even among actual business users, more esoteric spreadsheet functions are not relevant and would probably be considered backwards and cludgey. This is 2016. We have moved past the single user desktop mentality of the 80s.

Comment Re:Least effective too (Score 1) 231

You're covering just one side of the problem (virus detection). Let's ignore that Windows Defender is really effective (it's close to the paid alternatives). The other side is about not raise so many false positives. Most of paid AVs raise so many false alarms that average Joe will tend to ignore the alerts or just uninstall the AV at all. Windows Defender, at the end of day, works because it has a good compromise of detection and low false alarms.

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