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Comment This totally breaks the rendering speed. (Score 4, Informative) 766

I agree with the summary. Basically, we have faster engines for rendering for HTML and JS, but the UI is really slow. IE family is the worst in this aspect.

On Firefox (my default browser), a nice boost in tabs rendering is made turning off the tab animation: changing "browser.tabs.animate" to false in about:config.

Comment Re:Maybe we should mimic civil engineering (Score 0) 280

And how they know they building will not fall? That electric structures will remain up? Testing. If I go to any electric company building for larger projects, you'll see a pretty large testing camp. Some stuff running over one year, to make sure they'll not break in the next 5 years. You know any software company that test their software for one year? Even software like a bank, that runs, in some cases, for 40 years. No, QA is not planned, not allowed to run more then 1 week. It's pretty lame.

Comment Maybe we should mimic civil engineering (Score 2, Informative) 280

In civil engineering, when any project is bigger then a certain amount, it's required to have a civil engineer signing the project, responsible for all the stuff. Sometimes I wonder if we need a similar regulation in software. By example: if it's covering something sensible to life, like medical, airport, etc, law should require a software engineer signing the project and responsible for it.

Like on civil engineering, probably this will force software people to really invest in QA (until current days, QA is really, really bad in software).

Comment Re:Linux is a Server OS (Score 1) 176

... until I get a call saying why I can I run this game

This is the reason why I install it. They'll use to browse web and Facebook. They're not allowed to install stuff. This give me peace, as there is no Windows formatter guy able to bloat the machine with crapware.

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