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Comment A new harddrive for my PC! (Score 1) 84

The good news: new harddrives will have the size of a pin. The bad news: it'll require the scanning tunneling microscope attached to work:

So, now, it'll require more 10 years to work to reduce the scanning tunneling microscope to the size of current harddrives.

Comment SMS? (Score 1) 92

Come on Google... It was cool when you get web search or the email and improve it in a way nobody was pushing. But you're talking about improve SMS when since more than 5 years ago we started to use Whatsapp (or Facebook messenger) or whatever. Remind me of the aliens on Simpsons saying they improved our table tennis sport in an electronic way and the result was a game like Pong.

Comment Re:Least effective too (Score 1) 231

You're covering just one side of the problem (virus detection). Let's ignore that Windows Defender is really effective (it's close to the paid alternatives). The other side is about not raise so many false positives. Most of paid AVs raise so many false alarms that average Joe will tend to ignore the alerts or just uninstall the AV at all. Windows Defender, at the end of day, works because it has a good compromise of detection and low false alarms.

Comment Re:You're credible why? (Score 1) 352

What is the relation between a former developer opinion about anti viruses and one of the products of the organization he worked? You're saying that if you don't agree with the memory model of Firefox, the opinion of the former developer is wrong, which is totally unrelated. Attack the message, not the messenger.

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