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Comment Re:Piracy is not that big a deal (Score 1) 63

They're basically yelling "THE SKY IS FALLING!!" on a clear, calm day with blue skies and sunshine.

You forgot one thing. The people with open ears that will listen to the media companies are also the same people who have open pockets to be lined with donations and those people also make the political/legal decisions, not the consumer ie you or us. SO it doesn't matter who in your face stupid things are said by the media companies they bring the cash for donations.

Comment Movie Projectors (Score 0, Troll) 370

I haven't built my screen yet but I got myself an Epsom HD740 refurbished for $400.

After hooking it up and just testing on a wall with a 120"+ diagonal display and at about 12 feet way I got the same movie theater feeling watching when testing with The Matrix

Things I can do at home while watching a movie

Fuck my wife on the couch while watching the movie.
Smoke all the weed we want.
Do some rails
Trip on shrooms in a safe familiar place
Drink beer
Fuck some more on the couch
Cheap munchies
Watch the movie with my cats and dogs.

I personally don't give a flying fuck about movie theaters, just give me the movie/dvd/BR on release day for $25.

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