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Comment I love to own dvd's (Score 1) 309

I get the hard copy, rip it to digital and then have it all hooked up to a media player so when the intertubes or the services goes down or the streaming service decided it doesn't want to pay for the rights anymore (Ehm Netflix and Babylon 5) I keep on watching and YES I watching things over and over and over.

Comment Money lost (Score 1) 67

I fucking hate articles that point out how some industry is loosing money because of some social attitude change or say pirating. The money doesn't just magically disappear from the world if goes into other sectors of the market whether it be more alcohol on the weekends or someone buying more food or get this, putting it into a savings account and not spending it at all.

Comment Few weeks back did MDMA first time since 1997 (Score 1) 151

Got some powder. I just did smaller amounts to get a nice feeling. I know from past experience you can get cranky as hell a few days after E but with small amounts if was interesting how clear my head was for a few days after wards but there was a issue. If I did enough to really start feeling it my heart would race and get some crazy palpations once in a while. When you're 20 you don't care but at 42 lol the irregular heart beats are noticed more.

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