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Comment I had same experience as a retailer (Score 1) 336

My shop is in a cut throat industry where retail profit margins are %20-30 max. A new machine came on the market and I paid $3000 for it and sold it for $3500, Hey its $500 profit I never had. So some other retailer saw it advertised on my FB page. They complained to the manufacturer. The manufacturer said we don't control prices. Buddy complained about how he wont buy from this manufacturer/wholesaler anymore. Well the wholesaler looked at his history and told him that last time he bought anything from them was over a year ago. By the time buddy phone next week once more complaining I already sold 4 of those machines.

Sooo what I did after that to piss this other retailer even more. I posted a new ad for the machine. Listing it at $4000 with an instant after purchase $500 cash back.

Comment Count me as one of those who cancelled (Score 2) 450

not because of price, I'd even pay $15 per month but because they blocked my VPS/DNS service. So I cut off their access to my CC. Guess what I don't even miss it. The kids had a hissy fit but I told them hey go ahead and pay for it yourself and all of a sudden no one cared at all to have Netflix.

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