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Comment Exaclty (Score 1) 328

Although I'm a computer geek and love to build websites, do computer graphics, build 3 game maps using NetRadiant, run Linux game servers and mess around with scripts like Drupal I can't program my way out of a wet paper bag. I can do graphic design, fix anything on my car but when it came to programming I just can't learnt it at all. When I took German in high skool I was able to pick it up pretty quickly in one year, although French was a bit harder for some reason. Trying to learn JS, perl and PHP to where I could write my own module or script has proven to be futile, my brain just sees gibberish when I look at code.

Comment I love to own dvd's (Score 1) 316

I get the hard copy, rip it to digital and then have it all hooked up to a media player so when the intertubes or the services goes down or the streaming service decided it doesn't want to pay for the rights anymore (Ehm Netflix and Babylon 5) I keep on watching and YES I watching things over and over and over.

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