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Submission + - fist ever ANSI art show ( 5

kevin olson writes: "I'm curating a gallery show based on ANSI and ASCII artwork, this is artwork that was made back in the late 80's and early 90's using text characters before we had GUI's like Windows, etc. Back in the days of BBSES (before the internet was really used).

All sorts of people are starting to come out of the woodwork for this, Jason Scott who directed the BBS documentaries is flying out from Utah for this, Christian Wirth, who ran the biggest art group during the ANSI era, and who still tours the world this day giving speeches on ANSI and ASCII artwork will be there, I think the main reason being this has never really been done before. And anyone who was into computers and networking at this time definately remembers ANSI and ASCII artwork.

I threw up a general description of ANSI here . The opening will be on January 12th, 7-11PM, at 20 goto 10 (

Also the general blog on the progress of the show is, we will presenting the artwork on 4 to 6 feet tall lightboxes, and LCD screens w/ these parallax boards mounted against the wall.



Submission + - California Voting System Code Reviews Released (

zestyping writes: "Today, the California Secretary of State released the reports from what is probably the most comprehensive analysis of voting system source code to date. The reports cover optical scan and touchscreen voting systems by Diebold, Hart, and Sequoia that are used in many California counties.

Whereas the "red team" reports released last Friday described specific attack scenarios, these reports offer a detailed analysis of the software architecture and source code. All three reports identify significant security weaknesses in the respective systems, including susceptibility to tampering of voting machine firmware, the possibility of viral propagation, and vulnerabilities in the central election management software.

The Secretary of State has until tomorrow, August 3, to decide whether to decertify any voting systems, because she is required to give six months' notice of decertification before the California primary election next February."

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