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Comment Re:But... (Score 1) 238

Nailed it with "or carry cargo". Every week I drive to the supermarket and pick up 20-30 kg of stuff[*]. It pretty well maxes out my Golf trunk. I couldn't possibly lug that stuff even 30 meters, let alone 10 km to take it home. No; sorry; not even with a hopelessly cumbersome cart. I'm 69 and pretty-well busted-down. I'm doing pretty well just to walk through the store and COLLECT the stuff. And no, nobody will deliver it, even if I had two pennies to rub together to pay them with.

You can say I'm not worth society "allowing" me to live at this point; I'll just say I'm self-sufficient as long as I can make that short drive, and the drive to the post office. I use no more than 1/2 gallon of diesel fuel per week.

[*] 3-4 gallons of spring water (I drink a lot of water), other bottled drinks totaling at least a gallon, a pack of 12 Ensures, cans of soup, etc., etc.

Comment Re:Mandate reporting when antibiotics are prescrib (Score 1) 75

Yes. But we need to be aware that man is not the only source of antibiotics. They naturally occur. We get a good lot of them from plants and bacteria, starting of course with penicilin which we got from mold, and which was already present on salted food and damp environments. What we did was to make antibiotics present in organisms other than their natural sources.

Comment Everything Old is New Again (Score 2) 75

The Andromeda Strain was published in 1969.

The United States has some disease reporting, it started at least 75 years ago before the antibiotic bubble. This CDC Report summarizes the present state of disease reporting, in two pages. We need higher standards of reporting and legal penalties for failure to report.

Comment Re:I doubt this is correct (Score 1) 285

the battery design was too aggressive for current technology

Battery "design"? The phone company doesn't "design" the battery. They just call up the Ching Chong Very Fine Battery Company and say "we want 10 million LiPoly state of the art batteries x by y by z mm". All the manufacturers call up the same battery company. There's nothing "special" about the batteries any of them use.

That said, you may be right that these batteries are all ticking time bombs. We know that all models of all brands of cell phones (and vapes, and "hover" boards, and ...) have had instances of fire. But it does seem that the Note 7 stood out with a statistically much higher than average incidence. Pretty sure the researchers are on to something with their packed-too-tight theory. But it's not the whole answer. As long as you put bombs inside of every cellphone, some of them are ALWAYS going to find a way to blow up.

Comment CPU cycles area cheap. Bandwidth is not. (Score 1) 58

I don't care in the least if my computer sits idle for a few seconds waiting for me, the user, to tell it what to do. I care very much if it arbitrarily decides to waste some of my all-too-limited monthly bandwidth incorrectly trying to second-guess my intent.

Dear Silicon Valley (or in this case, Oslo): Kindly fuck off and quit acting like the whole world has the same nice gigabit FTTP connections you've come to enjoy. Over half of the US (and more than half of the planet) doesn't have effectively unlimited high-speed broadband available. Please behave accordingly.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 2) 324

Well first of all, the word "cuck" is nothing more than modern code for "nigg3r-lover"*. It would be more honest if you used that term instead. No idea how sense that makes though. Anyone who criticizes Trump must be a nigg3r-lover? Seeing African-Americans as equal human beings is a no-no again? No clue.

I wasn't meaning this as a criticism for Trump anyhow. My only point is people who are in, or soon to acquire, a great deal of power have no right to say they are anti-establishment. I would hate to see this phrase used for Trump and his fellow Republicans during their reign. Because then they'd be making excuses whenever their choices were harmful for the country saying, "It wasn't us, it was that durn establishment!" Nigg3r please.

Judging by Trump's appointments full of people who are mostly unqualified or downright offensive, and continued tweets that indicate every criticism of him is taken personally - it doesn't look good. (I swear he thinks the most brilliant person he ever talked to is the last individual who happened to compliment him - LOL). The only good I saw was nominating James Mattis to Secretary of Defense. I also liked the fact that he talked to the leader of Taiwan, although most foreign affairs experts say this is a big no-no.

* Apparently the lameness filter is flagging the N-word, otherwise that's what I would have used. Goddammit.

Comment Re:fast, efficient code? (Score 1) 37

I was trying to respond with a perl code example showing some features it has -- which are admittedly optional -- to write readable code, but slashdot is refusing to let me post them because of it's "Lameness Filter", which I think has actually let quite a bit of lameness through.

Comment Re:fast, efficient code? (Score 1) 37

You've no doubt had much occasion to experience this shittiness in your 20 years of experience, but nevertheless you see, the reason I am objecting here is that the example that springs to your mind of a perl oddity is one of the things that in point of fact never causes a single problem, and it seems peculiar that you can't come up with a more cogent criticism, particularly when one takes into account your 20 years of experience.

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