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Comment Re:Partnered Streamers (Score 2) 24

I don't have a problem with them sharing revenue with the streamer, but honestly they're a business. A business finding a new way to sell things isn't a "cash grab".

Truthfully I don't see myself using this (it's never been difficult to just open a new tab if I wanted to buy the game), but in the grand scheme of things I'm sure they'll get enough sales from it to make it worth their while.

Comment Re: Landlords (Score 4, Informative) 613

Sometimes moving takes you to a higher salary but also a higher cost of living.

I'm making $73k per year myself, but I also have a 1700 sqft house in a nice suburb that I pay $710 per month for (total purchase price was $115k back in 2013). While I could potentially make more if I moved I'd not necessarily have any more disposable income. As it is right now even after all of my bills are paid I've still got around $2000 per month in "open" income to do with as I wish.

Plus there's the fact that my friends and family are here, so truthfully I'm not sure I'd be willing to move for anything short of an obscene amount of money anyways.

Comment Re:"COMPLICATIONS OF SURGERY", i.e., they fucked u (Score 2, Insightful) 139

As usual. More than 88,000 people die in US hospitals each and every year for reasons that have nothing to do with why they were in the hospital. OBAMACARE! AT! WORK! and this is what Trump WILL FIX!

Quite possibly. No one who doesn't make a six figure salary or work for Congress or the Executive Branch will be able to afford to get into a hospital in the first place. Trump will remove the onerous regulation of treating everyone regardless of their ability to pay and replace it with the old timey wallet biopsy.

That alone should cut health care costs significantly.

Comment Re: definitions? (Score 5, Informative) 257

You're thinking direct computer hardware. Nebraska is thinking tractors and farm equipment. Locking farmers into long term hugely expensive repair contracts on absolutely critical pieces of equipment has become the norm for many "tractor" companies. When one piece of equipment costs millions and you need to spend thousands or more to recalibrate after some common mishap or loose your harvest then it's not so trivial.

This. Why do you think it's starting in Nebraska?

There are quite a few electronic objects out there that having nothing to do with Microsoft or Sony. There is a huge outcry amongst farmers and small industries with the trend towards essentially leasing complex expensive equipment even if you buy it. Farmers have been sued for the temerity of trying to fix their own gear. For John Deere stuff, you could not even buy parts that just plug into the system - they had to be 'installed' by the dealer. When they could get around to it.

IIRC, Deere got some really bad press about that a awhile back and at least lets you plug things back in (that you buy at the Deer store). It is a much larger problem than a dead X-box.

There are more things, Horatio, then are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Comment Re:You don't own common sense (Score 1) 1103

I would ask you to take a step back and think about what kind of society you actually want to live in and how you could get there over the long term?

I think that's key to the point though.

I truly believe that the murder rate of a country is largely irrelevant to it's gun laws - it's cultural and people intent on killing will do so with whatever weapons are available.

Even if that weren't the case though. realistically most people here seem to be fine with our gun laws. As you say, our laws are some of the most lax, but is it so terrible that for people who WANT to be able to own and use guns, that we have at least one country that we can do so in? For anyone who wants strict firearms regulations they have a ton of options to choose from. Or heck at a minimum leave it up to the individual states and let them decide for themselves.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 2) 1103

Geographically, yes. However Russians are also "Asian" (and depending on the textbook occasionally Europe and Asia aren't even referred to as separate continents anymore - just "Eurasia" since it's all really the same landmass).

While Indians may be from Asia, they are not Mongoloid which is what most people think of when they say "Asian".

Comment You've got to wonder (Score 0) 52

If these are 'real' drones or just the latest Unidentified Flying Object. Since there are very few truly unambiguous reports of drone incursions into airspace and virtually no proven drone strikes it is really, really unclear just what this represents.

More drones flown by idiots? Sure, that's a pretty reasonable interpretation. Good luck trying to fix stupid.

A new punching bag for anything floating around in the airspace?


Personally, I blame Trump. If he can take credit for the National Debt to drop 0.02% in his first month of office, he can take the heat for this.

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