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Comment Re:lol (Score 1) 491

Spies know that spies have always been morons, which is why things like "For a while you wondered whether the fools were pretending to be fools as some kind of deception, or whether there was a real efficient service somewhere else.

Later in my fiction, I invented one.

But alas the reality was the mediocrity. Ex-colonial policemen mingling with failed academics, failed lawyers, failed missionaries and failed debutantes gave our canteen the amorphous quality of an Old School outing on the Orient express. Everyone seemed to smell of failure.." was said. I understand their decisions, but they are bad decisions. FBI director Comey admitted as much, until public pressure led to him taking back. And I have autism, so I have done quite a bit of research on theory of mind. It doesn't change the fact that they are morons.

And as for averages, they are worse than average because they operate in the shadows, allowing idiocy to go longer without getting checked.

Comment Re:lol (Score 1) 491

And we also know that spies have always been morons. The US is especially moronic because at least large parts won't hire people that smoke weed, and the FBI director admitted as such. Also, the official government claim is that only the top levels of the Kremlin could have done something like this, when we know security was a nightmare.

Comment Re:Yeah, by hardening our defenses you morons (Score 1) 396

I'm familiar with the quote, which is why I'm against the Patriot Act and PRISM. I'm also familiar with Acton. That's why we have separation of powers, the fourth estate, the 22nd Amendment, and want as much transparency as possible, so too much power doesn't end up in too few hands. The fourth estate has failed us, due in large part to the 1996 Telecommunications Act allowing for greater media consolidation. That was signed by Bill. Wikileaks has largely filled that role in their absence.

Also, Wikileaks is doing very little editing. They might be selective on what they are releasing when, but they leave the archives untouched to the point that it does endanger some lives and still contain malware.

Comment Re: Good luck with that. (Score 1) 347

The point is that we have a relatively small sample of the conditions under which life can arise. Even in the extremes on Earth, we have found life. Often, it is less complex than life in what we consider to less extreme environments, but we also have to consider that 'extreme' is relative. We can point to factors that would make it inhospitable for most complex life on Earth. However, it's quite possible that Earth has equally strong factors against it that would make the majority of sentient species surprised that Earth can support life. Cursory research says that the biosphere is a mere 0.0007% of the Earth's volume, and there may be a set of conditions that can support some kind of advanced life in a different minuscule percentage of this planet's volume.

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