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Comment Re: Good luck with that. (Score 1) 347

The point is that we have a relatively small sample of the conditions under which life can arise. Even in the extremes on Earth, we have found life. Often, it is less complex than life in what we consider to less extreme environments, but we also have to consider that 'extreme' is relative. We can point to factors that would make it inhospitable for most complex life on Earth. However, it's quite possible that Earth has equally strong factors against it that would make the majority of sentient species surprised that Earth can support life. Cursory research says that the biosphere is a mere 0.0007% of the Earth's volume, and there may be a set of conditions that can support some kind of advanced life in a different minuscule percentage of this planet's volume.

Comment Re:Seems this topic is stuck in the roundabout. (Score 1) 364

And that should probably be handled by the safety features of the car itself. If you don't have to be able to operate it, that could allow for a lot of fundamental improvements that make the occupant safe even in the case of accident. That makes the math a hell of a lot simpler. Plus, these would almost certainly be electric cars, which open up many other operational advantages.

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