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Comment Also, screw the Dex - Dual BT Audio? (Score 1) 72

Why stream to two devices? Solutions already exist for pretty much any and all use-case scenarios as-is, and BT is simply utter shit for audio in the first place. I went so far as to root my Droid phone and remove all BT capability (the battery life is fucking wonderful, now,) because it's simply useless garbage.

Comment He won't be for long (Score 1) 54

Several of us internet people have his e-mails and we know his cowardly acts committed in violation of the law.

And if he doesn't answer our questions, we'll ruin his ass with the lawsuit.

~I kicked EA's ass in court, Bezos is next with the way he treats employees. I have ten former workers on my side to testify.

Comment Re:Good. (Score -1, Troll) 310

"Their Marvel based offerings are quite good,"

Not really. The comics win on the creativity front. The movies are utter CGI shit.

" and Stranger Things is phenomenal."

No more so than the Twilight Zone. In fact, ST pretty much copies episodes of TTZ almost piece for piece with a different spin.

"Amazon is creating some genuinely entertaining original content as well"

Nothing as original as One Punch Man, which in and of itself is not original given it spoofs every hero genre yet still remains fresh and semi-original in how they mock those genres.

Try again when you have an actual literary education, child.

Comment Re:A bad hard drive isn't MS's fault (Score 1) 347

No, not necessarily. It could be the computer would have been just fine taking the new OS install, however the computer was likely blocked up with dust and such, so the old spinning rust drive got overheated while doing all those file writes and died.

Seen it happen. Even SSDs aren't immune to heat damage, and the airflow in systems that have them tend to be even poorer.

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