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Comment Re:Isn't it the victim's Echo they want info from? (Score -1, Offtopic) 94

If you wanted the e-mail proof of that, I actually possess it. Amazon can go suck it's own dick, as it has fucked me over plenty of times that I've said fuck it and have copies of its email database, all 30+ gigs of the incrimintating evidence, thanks to asking of various entities if they have that kind of proof and then paying for it.

Amazon is heavily involved in anti-trust actions.

Bring it, Amazon,
Alex Marshall McQuown
4555 Pine Street, Unit 4-C
Riverside, CA, 92501

I'll kill you like I killed Electronic Arts for their Spore bullshit.

Bring it on, assholes. I've got far more than you can bargain with. That includes source code.

Comment Re:Who're u bs'ing jailbird? U SAID Microsoft liar (Score 1) 146

Ahh, the moron looking at OLD NEWS (in which the e-mail was proven a FAKE - the header was TWO LINES LONG. Obviously fake.)

See how stupid you are? Now I have you, Alexander P Kowalski, for libel, and the proof is right here, where you can't touch it, hide it, or deny it.

Now to hunt you down and file suit.

Comment Re:The real question is (Score 1) 86

" but nowadays zincs are relegated to the dirt-cheap-but-underpowered-for-most-real-uses"

Found the electrochemically illiterate! Nickel-Zinc is way freaking useful. 1.6V nominal cell voltage, roughly same Ah capacity as Nickel Metal Hydride in the same form factor.

Only problem is that it whiskers like mad, making the charge cycle count in the tens. If it were not for that problem, Ni-MH would be DEAD by now.

Comment Re:Too many cores. (Score 2) 73

"You want one core per NIC for these to make the best use of AESNI plus one or two more for management tasks."

One Core per NIC? Given the drastically reduced connectivity in the C3000 versus even desktop Pentium line processors in the form of fewer PCI-E lanes, good luck getting one PCI-E lane per NIC, let alone one core per.

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