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Comment Re:We knew this going in (Score 2) 571

We knew Trump had shortcomings, and still elected him - warts and all. We did it because he promised to fix certain issues that we felt were more important in the near term.

The perspective that I have is that anyone who believes anything Trump promises has totally lost touch with anything resembling reality. The man burns everyone who trusts him.

Comment Nestle didn't discover anything. (Score 4, Informative) 328

This is something well-known to anyone with actual culinary experience. See sea salt vs table salt. Same principle applies to sugar - make if finer, you find that you actually end up using LESS because of more even distribution for same effect.

Nestle is literally trying to patent that which has been known for fucking centuries by any generally-knowledgeable housewife or cook or chef.

Comment Leap Seconds (Score 2) 179

A smeared second is stupid IMHO. People have had since 1973 to put leap seconds into their software. However, this is how NTP does it, so many computer clocks will have a smeared second even if they don't use Google.

UTC with leap seconds was set up to support celestial navigation. You can still take out your sextant and determine your position to a km or so using standard clock time. There is still a feeling that that is a useful attribute.

My personal feeling is that the Internet should just adopt TAI, but I have never gotten anywhere with that proposal.

Instead, this will go on until some plane crashes or rocket explodes or there is a massive exploit* due to a leap second being incorrectly handled, and then this will be fixed.

* There are some security protocols that make implicit assumptions about the time being roughly coordinated. On leap second day, those assumptions may be false,

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