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Submission + - Who owns the multinational corporation tax problem? ( 2

OzUnsane writes: The current grilling of Apple in front of a US Senate hearing on the amount of tax they pay is just the latest in a long series of questions asked by governments around the world. Or in actual fact, question, because it's all the same question: why aren't you paying enough taxes? The problem is, governments are asking the wrong people, and the wrong question. The real question is — who owns the multinational corporation tax problem?

Submission + - In app purchases and full disclosure (

An anonymous reader writes: In app purchases are gaining popularity — some say they're generating substantial revenue for companies like Apple, which takes a clip from each in app purchase. But it's all a bit wild-west at the moment. The model is established, it now needs some maturity established around it. As the leading facilitator of in app purchases, Apple needs to set the way, and "Full Disclosure" outlines how that might be achieved.

Submission + - Spanish regional desktop to switch 40,000 desktops to its own Linux distro (

Bismillah writes: From the "Linux on the desktop is dead" department: the Extremaduran government hopes to save 30 million euros by going to with Linux, and has already rolled out some 85,000 penguinised systems before.

The migration project is based on a long-term plan for Extremadura to move to open source, published in October last year.

Submission + - Turn That Frown Upside Down? Maybe Not: Negative People Reply to Emails 36% Fast (

antdude writes: A Contactually blog reports "Turn That Frown Upside Down? Maybe Not: Negative People Reply to Emails 36% Faster ... Engineers at Contactually, a referral marketing platform, recently analyzed over 100 million email conversations and determined that being negative actually is helpful when it comes to email. On average, negative people tend to reply to emails 36% faster than their positive, bubbly colleagues..."

Seen on Slate from HardOCP.

Submission + - Skype accounts easily hijacked via Skype Support, warns hacker (

colinneagle writes: security researcher @TibitXimer complained about a horrible user experience after losing control of his Skype account six times in one day. In fact, Ximer says Skype recovery mechanisms are so inadequate that "anyone can steal your Skype account" by providing: "3-5 of your contacts on skype, 1 email you've used on skype at any point, and your first and/or last name."

Unsurprisingly, Skype Support disagrees with Ximer about how easily Skype accounts can be hijacked by social engineering the support team. "Skype CS is looking into your case. Our unlock policy does in fact require more than just the information you have quoted and we are checking where the failure happened during the required steps of verification."

Other Skype users on the forum pointed out that there are guides for sale that explain how to easily exploit Skype Support and steal accounts. Ximer said Skype Support has now suspended his account while the matter is being investigated. He added that Skype account hijacking has also "happened to many members of a forum I'm on all in the same week," before providing a screenshot of other users complaining about it. He then wrote, "This was a massive failure by Skype support. While they may ask more questions during the verification process, they did not require that all questions were answered. Majority of the time they only required those 3 steps as enough for the verification of the account owner."

Submission + - DEP Says Fracking Not to Blame for Flammable Water (

jjp9999 writes: The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection declared on Monday that fracking is not to blame for methane in water in Susquehanna County. Their 16-month investigation concluded the methane was naturally occurring, not from hydraulic fracturing wells nearby. Last year, the EPA declared flammable sink water in Dimock, Pennsylvania, was not contaminating, after it was made famous by the documentary film, "Gasland."
Data Storage

Submission + - Dark Data and storage management principles (

OzUnsane writes: Having worked in enterprise backup and recovery for over 15 years, and storage for most of that time as well, one of the things that stands out is the amount of data that exists within enterprises which isn't centrally managed or even known about by the core IT team. While the term "dark data" can sometimes be used to refer to either illicit data, or unpublished scientific data, it also functions very well as a description of unclassified, unprotected and unmanaged data. In this article I go over the implications of recognising that dark data is unavoidable within an organisation.

Submission + - Why backup theory is important (

OzUnsane writes: "As a long term backup consultant, and author on the topic, I've watched quite a few discussions on Slashdot about backup, and I thought it might be worthwhile posting an article I wrote at the end of last year which explains why a lot of businesses struggle to get fully integrated backup systems in place — and a hint: it's not about the technology at all."

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