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Data Storage

Submission + - Dark Data and storage management principles (nsrd.info)

OzUnsane writes: Having worked in enterprise backup and recovery for over 15 years, and storage for most of that time as well, one of the things that stands out is the amount of data that exists within enterprises which isn't centrally managed or even known about by the core IT team. While the term "dark data" can sometimes be used to refer to either illicit data, or unpublished scientific data, it also functions very well as a description of unclassified, unprotected and unmanaged data. In this article I go over the implications of recognising that dark data is unavoidable within an organisation.

Submission + - Why backup theory is important (nsrd.info)

OzUnsane writes: "As a long term backup consultant, and author on the topic, I've watched quite a few discussions on Slashdot about backup, and I thought it might be worthwhile posting an article I wrote at the end of last year which explains why a lot of businesses struggle to get fully integrated backup systems in place — and a hint: it's not about the technology at all."

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