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Comment That would be cool! Except... (Score 3, Insightful) 89

Cortana is better than Google at answering questions. Unfortunately, unless the question is very simple, she dumps you into a Bing search, which is even less helpful than Now always dumping you into a Google search. If you're interacting via voice, you shouldn't have to look at your phone or press links. At least in Google, you can often read the answer (after you stop driving/doing whatever it was that prevented you from typing in the first place, of course); with Bing, you end up copying the search text so you can paste it into Chrome to get useful links to answers.

Comment Re:I call bullshit (Score 1) 91

Same here. Uploaded a choral concert, private link only, and it got flagged in less than an hour. I'm not sure whether I'm mad that it was flagged or pleased that the performance was good enough to produce a match. ;-) I believe they have a monetization agreement in place with the publishers, so the video stayed. I've had a couple of short clips I uploaded (which were clearly infinging, but just meant to show some examples of ideas to friends) flagged and taken down, while other, similar clips (clearly not by the content producer) have stayed up - sometimes for years.

Comment Better link (Score 1) 140

Most of what's in the (originally) Reuters blurb is in the airbus link, except the 2017 date to get a prototype in the air, and doesn't contain that silly Shutterstock photo that has nothing to do with the Airbus group at all.

If I could afford one of these, I'd definitely get on, even if it had limited takeoff/landing allowables. Now, that's partly because the nearest gen aviation airport is ~1 mile from my house, and partly because I live in the mountains where the air miles to a mid-range destination (30-100 miles) can be less than half the road distance. But, alas, not being in the 0.1% means it's likely I will not be able to afford one.

Comment Re:Trump will pardon him on Day 1 (Score 3, Informative) 273

Having Kennedy run a study on the autism-vaccine link is like having Daniel Shenton (president of the flat earth society) run a study on weather or not the earth is a spheroid, or Bill Kaysing (if he were still alive) running an investigation into whether the moon landings in the 60s and 70s were a hoax.

Having ANYONE run a meta-study on what is , essentially, established science to try and find proof that it is not - and damaging national and world health in the process - is not just irresponsible but downright dangerous.

Oh, and DeVos basically wants to defund public schools by shifting as many dollars as possible to vouchers for people to use at privately-run schools, with essentially no oversight. Whether she intends to make public schools worse or not is somewhat irrelevant when her goal is to eliminate their source of funding.

Comment Trump will pardon him on Day 1 (Score 3, Funny) 273

The entire Trump administration is a perfect Bizarro world. Anti-school as sec of ed, anti-vaxxer running vaccine study, etc... I don't think it's even possible that Snowden doesn't get a pardon on Jan 22. It'll be part of the new US-Russian intelligence partnership.

Comment Re:"Super Cheap"? (Score 1) 372

Yep - and as a kid, we always had a vial around for veterinary use (for the animals). It probably also may have saved my father when he got stung by a bee and had an allergic reaction (none of us had a known allergy that would have caused us to have an epipen around). But, you know, it's too dangerous to have the average human know how to read a label, choose a medication dose (to within about factor of 3 - which is the "safe" range for epinephrine) and give a proper IM injection.

Comment There is always a monetary value on your child (Score 1) 372

That's how companies in healthcare can get away with the prices they charge. They look at a $30 drug or $120 component (build cost) and ask "what would saving your [wife|child|eyesight] be MIN(worth to you, how much could you pay if you sold everything you owned and mortgaged your life's work potential). Then they look at the data a fit a curve which chooses a price which maximizes the return. Naturally, that cuts some people out of the game - but that's life (or death, or the use of a limb).

What you have to realize is (a) 1 in 10,000 is about 3 orders of magnitude greater than the average human can evaluate or imagine - we are VERY bad at outcome choices where probability estimates exceed about 1 in 5 to 1 in 8 and (b) the name brand has a finite failure rate which is often very similar to the generic. So, in your example, if the name brand had a 1 in 10,000 change of being "better", the likelihood is that there would be (and, yes, I'm making this up, but the efficacy rules support this general concept) a 1000 in 10,000 chance of a failure of the name brand, and a 1001 in 10,000 chance of failure of a generic. The difference is ridiculously small. (Note that a 90% efficacy of a single-shot medication is actually rather high, on average)

Comment Capitalism sort-of works, sometimes (Score 1) 372

It's not that it's not workable, it's that the markets are not efficient (in the economic sense). Note that this took TEN YEARS to occur. Had the reaction been on the order of 3-6 months, I'd say it worked properly. The time from the beginning of price gouging to the current state where the cost is a single digit multiple of the production cost means that the marketplace is only reactive to massive imbalances.

Comment Re:Why 18:9? (Score 1) 132

In a way, it's worse, because ratios for theaters are 1.85:1 (vs ~1.78:1 for a 16:9 screen) and 2.35:1 (vs 2.33:1 for 21:9). The only real ratio that matched was the classic 4:3, which was cinema, TV, and computers back in the stone age.

I'm a fan of 1.41:1. The A sizes work the best, especially if you're going to go split screen (where you get exactly two portrait 1.41:1 screens in a landscape 1.41:1)

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