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Comment Re: Overused (Score 1) 914

He was. And it became clear after America entered the war. But he was careful to keep those views private when he was part of the America First committee. Here's an excerpt from a speech.

It is not difficult to understand why Jewish people desire the overthrow of Nazi Germany. The persecution they suffered in Germany would be sufficient to make bitter enemies of any race. No person with a sense of the dignity of mankind can condone the persecution the Jewish race suffered in Germany.

Comment Re:Why trust in the media is at an all time low (Score 1) 914

You mentioned him first.

No. The comment I replied to did before me, and the comment above that also mentioned him. The first person I mentioned was Trump.

All the time he was spreading lies about 350 million pound a week that were going to the NHS

No he wasn't. That was from Vote Leave. Farage wasn't part of that group.

about the UK being invaded by Turkish muslims.

He was critical of Turkey being fast tracked. As were many; including pro-EU politicians. He never said anything about any "invasion" and I don't think he mentioned muslims.

He's being paid £85,000 for a job where he never turns up for work as an MEP.

Yes. There are many things to criticise him for. There are many things to criticise anyone for. Or praise them for. By focussing on one side or the other, you can make them a saint or a sinner. The point is that this is what the media are doing.

Then he kissed Trump's ass to get himself a better paying job as ambassodor to the US. Embarrassing.

Being friends with the president of the US is only embarrassing if you see yourself as left wing. I strongly suspect Farage doesn't consider himself part of that group.

Comment Re:Why trust in the media is at an all time low (Score 0) 914

How widely reported was Caitlyn Jenner's support of Donald Trump? The left wing are critical of Farage's views on the NHS, but never bring up his support of drug decriminilisation. Le Pen has pushed for much more liberal attitudes towards same sex partnerships and the death penalty.

Maybe they're not nice people but you have to include the good with the bad, and let the readers make the decision. Otherwise you're pushing an agenda.

Comment Re: Overused (Score 1) 914

(America first is literally a fascist slogan from the 40s)

That's bollocks.

The "America First Committee" was a pacifist anti-war movement. It was supported by people who later became president, and a number of progressive socialists. They actively pushed anyone anti-semitic off the board because that was not the organisation they wanted to be.

They weren't pro-fascist. They were just against US involvement in the war.

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1) 914

Sure. I can see why people want to cut ties with him. It was a joke in poor taste, that caused understandable, or at least predictable anger.

The attempts to paint him as a neo-Nazi go overboard though. Especially by a publication such as WSJ, that trades off its reputation for honesty, and not doing this sort of hit piece.

Comment Re:Finally an iPhone that is better a Google phone (Score 1) 143

Why such a feature is so important to you? It's not even true wireless charging, more like inductance charging (there IS a wire after all, just not in your phone)

Also, there must be a loss of energy in the conversion, making "wireless" charging inefficient and more expensive than regular charging, but i can't prove this.

Comment Re:Good. Sex and Computers dont mix (Score 1) 233

There seem to be two dominant viewpoints that come to the same conclusion for different reasons. Essentially these can be summarised as "Booth babes are an insult to women", and "Booth babes are an insult to customers"

That is to say, some people are offended by the idea that they're going to be so impressed by the hot chicks that they'll spend tens of thousands of dollars on a security product. I think a lot of the attendees agree with this viewpoint and are pretty neutral about the first. Although a lot of older, more conservative, (and paradoxically younger ultra-progressive) attendees will agree with the first.

Presumably there is a voice for "I like booth babes", but it's a pretty tricky argument to make compellingly. Anyone who claims they need them is basically claiming to have a bad product.

Comment Re:Geeks repellant! (Score 2) 233

It may not be "fear" so much as simple disinterest.

As a hypothetical attendee, the booth babe is paid to talk to me. I am aware of this. She doesn't care about me. Talking to an attractive woman is of no interest to me. There's no way I'm charming enough for her to be interested in me. I may have a wife/gf that I'm loyal to. So from a personal level, there's nothing in it for me.

Professionally, I may be interested in the product. The product I want is dull and worthy Trying to make it "fun" makes it less interesting to me. I may well be showing my own shallowness, but I really doubt the lycra clad blonde really has a solid understanding of my business needs. Someone in a suit - sure. Scruffy nerd in a t-shirt; I'm a little sceptical of their professionalism, but if they have a good enough product I'll consider it.

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