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Comment Re:So much for Apple's "better design" (Score 1) 222

The iPhone 6 is about as bendable as "other phones on the market" if you define "other phones on the market" as "iPhone 6 Plus". Even then, it bent with 22% less force. Even if we increase the scope of our comparison to include additional iPhones (and still ignore every other manufacturer), the iPhone 5 takes 86% more force to bend than the iPhone 6.

Yes, it's significantly weaker than other phones on the market. Even when you limit "other phones" to just Apple's own offerings, against which it should compare most favorably.

When you open up the scope of the comparison to include all phones on the market at the time, the worst non-Apple performer was the LG G3, which matched the iPhone 5. Literally every other phone on the market at the time did better than that, with the larger-but-not-meaningfully-thicker Samsung Galaxy Note 5 holding up to more than twice as much force before bending.

Comment Re:We live in a 2 OS society (Score 1) 189

The pen and paper experience of using a digitizer tablet is easily broken by processing latency on a loacl system, doingit remotely simply will not work. Networked games and remote gaming services use prediction algorithms to compensate for latency; if that was a viable solution for drawing, we'd already see it implemented.

Let me put it this way: if it ever happens, if Adobe ever does it, I'll eat these words. If it's actually successful and sees any meaningful adoption, I'll pay for a year of it for you.

And, yet again, the cost for storage? Nope.

Comment Re:We live in a 2 OS society (Score 1) 189

If you've got a very low-latency connection, sure. And I do mean very, as to say that anything with higher latency than a single hop on a LAN is going to feel VERY slow to your typical Photoshop artist. Put a digitizer stylus in an artist's hand and have them try it on a computer that can't give them immediate feedback; they'll tell you it's unusable.

But, even ignoring that, the cost for storage? Yeah, no... Again, I'll pass.

Comment Re:We live in a 2 OS society (Score 1) 189

And, to display it locally? You need to send all the layers to the browser and, BAM, there you have it, you're essentially sending the entire PSD. Plus, have you looked at Adobe's cloud storage pricing? CC for Teams is the cheapest option at $75/seat for up to 100GB storage per seat. I'll pass, thanks.

Comment Re:Another hidden price increase (Score 1) 194

Indeed, it does. However, that the person I was replying to was considering T-Mobile and cited price, not coverage, as the reason for not making the switch, I don't think signal strength was the issue. Also, every phone T-Mobile currently offers supports wi-fi calling, so if, for example, you have crap coverage at home but it's good at work (or vise-versa if you're allowed to put your phone on the wi-fi where you work) you're still covered.

Comment Re:Where does Legere thinks he is living ? (Score 1) 194

What MetroPCS lacks is partner roaming (which means it only works where T-Mo has native coverage), unlimited use in Canada and Mexico, and international roaming with no-charge data. If none of those features are useful to you, enjoy MetroPCS, just realize that your savings do come at a cost. Some of us actually travel and MetroPCS is not a viable option for us.

Comment Re:Use T-mobile at your own risk (Score 1) 194

I had a similar experience with them 14 years ago. It's been much more pleasant this time around; they certainly treat me better than AT&T, who treats their customers much better than Verizon, who treats people marginally better than Sprint. They've really stepped up their customer service game; maybe 5-6 years ago they were at the bottom.

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