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Comment For the doubters... (Score 3, Insightful) 378

Wasn't this core technology discussed on Slashdot a number of years back? If you google "Seam Carving" you'll find some nice wikipedia articles that discuss content-aware image resizing. This may be a variant on the same technology, and i actually doubt that this is an early release of an April Fool's Day joke (no matter how Star Trek this technology seems).

Comment Re:Evidence based medicine is extremely frustratin (Score 1) 1064

So you seriously want your physician to prescribe you something he/she knows has no physiological effect, but tell you, or at least allow you to believe that it will work solely so that you can benefit from the placebo i.e. psychological effect?

Essentially what you are suggesting that physicians do is let their patients believe that sugar pills mixed with water work to cure disease X; or, at least, fail to re-educate patients with such notions.

Operating Systems

Submission + - Vista vs. the Gibbon 4

ricegf writes: If you had 7 computers running various versions of Windows and Linux, on which machine would you choose to do most of your work? Rupert Goodwins describes his experience thus: 'So here's the funny thing. I've used Windows since 1.0. I've lived through the bad times of Windows/386 and ME, and the good times of NT 3.51 and 2K. I know XP if not backwards, then with a degree of familiarity that only middle-aged co-dependents can afford each other. Then how come I'm so much more at home with Ubuntu than Vista?'

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