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Comment From comic book dictionary (Score 1) 146

canon: (noun)

What some writer decides today what happened in a fictitious past. This is primarily caused by s/he wanting a personal thumbprint on a character set combined with an inability to imagine extensions to current story lines. In most cases this leads to conflict in story lines that produce confusion in the readership and at times actual outrage at the bastardization and extreme vandalism of admired characters (see Green Lantern).

Comment Marginally on topic. (Score 0) 401

When I was young and visiting a friend whose father made his living gambling with cards, four of his friends showed up and they set up a table to play. I asked if I could join. They said yes.

We sat at the table and two of the men pulled out revolvers and laid them on the table.

A bit frightening to my younger self but that was the most civil and honest goddamn card game I have ever been in in my life.

Comment Re:Is more education, better education . . . ? (Score 3, Funny) 495

Obama didn't get it because Obama didn't give it. Remember his bs about Romney?

Trump should have to earn respect just like everyone else.

Like Obama earned the Nobel?

By the way, I agree he should earn it but that also implies people should wait to see if he does instead of going ape-shit and saying we're on the verge of a dictatorship.

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