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Comment Re:Whine whine whine... (Score 1) 111

Don't like the system, don't consume from it.

How can I avoid the system when the local grocery store licenses the system's music to play over its speaker system?

And how can I avoid the system when writing my own music? Is there an accepted way for a songwriter to avoid accidentally infringing the system's copyrights?

Comment Re:Apples and oranges (Score 1) 111

amongst the other videos they might watch that do not contain third party copyrighted music content

Or do they? Even if a video is ostensibly 100 percent original, how does the composer of the video's background music know that he or she isn't subconsciously infringing one of the millions of copyrighted musical compositions in existence?

Comment Go away, you're not 21 (Score 1) 111

I learned about bands through word of mouth and going to concerts, clubs, and bars.

Then how are high school students and college underclassmen under age 21, for whom entering a bar or a club that serves alcohol is a crime, expected to learn about bands without help from labels affiliated with the RIAA?

Comment Airtime is still scarce (Score 1) 111

do kids still listen to the radio?

Yes, if only in the bus or car while riding to or from state-mandated attendance at a public or accredited private school.

Now there's no scarcity of airtime

If there were "no scarcity of airtime", people wouldn't be complaining about monthly usage caps, and Google wouldn't have to introduce delta compression for Android application package updates.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 2) 43

Unlimited data plans have been very cheap for several years now.

Not in Slashdot's home country.

In some more remote parts of the U.S., the only option for high-speed home Internet is satellite, and satellite doesn't have unmetered data during waking hours. In other remote parts, such as East Buchanan, Iowa, DSL is harshly metered as well.

Cellular carrier T-Mobile has introduced an unmetered plan, whose name reminds one of synthetic motor oil. But at $70 per month for the first of four lines on a plan, it's more expensive than metered plans, and it puts the subscriber at the back of QoS after using 25 GB in a month. Furthermore, in some parts of the U.S., Verizon is the only cellular carrier with adequate coverage, and Verizon has refused to offer unmetered plans.

Comment Re:What a breakthrough! (Score 1) 43

Lossless compression, such as PKZIP for Microsoft Office and LibreOffice documents, FLAC for audio, and PNG for images, makes it less trivial in the general case to find "only the parts of files that have changed". A protocol like rsync would need to have specific support for each archive container and lossless codec in order to identify said "parts". This story is about Google Play Store gaining such support for APK files, which use the PKZIP container.

Comment #1TermDonald (Score 1) 413

Though you appear to decry use of derogatory nicknames, it is among the rhetorical tactics of the apparent President-elect.* During his campaign, he used such a nickname for each of his opponents: Low-Energy Jeb, Little Marco, 1 for 38 Kasich, Lyin' Ted (which some of his supporters attempted to reclaim as Lion Ted), and Crooked Hillary. Now watch leftards turn the practice back at "One-Term Donald".

* Faithless electors could yet keep Mr. Trump from officially becoming President-elect on December 19. There are eight so far.

Comment Vector animation is smaller than video (Score 1) 173

If you can't communicate your ad with a static image, a video

A scripted vector animation has a smaller file size (and thus costs you less to view in overage fees payable to your ISP) than the equivalent H.264 or VP8 video. But I don't see how a scripted vector animation of considerable complexity can be done with CSS transitions alone. It's usually script writing to a canvas or script manipulating CSS element styles or SVG paths.

Comment The Alt+Right is stronger than the Back button (Score 4, Funny) 413

You underestimate the power of the Alt+Right. It can undo presses of the Back button in your web browser. If you end up on a Dimbart article, and you click the Back button to escape what you see as reactionary bullcrap, pressing Alt+Right will bring it right back.

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