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Comment Re:Useful for desalination plants? (Score 2) 79

The total steam production will be limited to the same amount of evaporation you would get from the pond naturally.

No, and that dissimilarity is the whole point of the exercise. The pond is a huge body of water. As long as you heat that evenly (or at least a layer of non-negligible thickness, which the sun normally does, then the temperature and evaporation are low. This floating device is designed to heat up a small amount of water to a much higher temperature. This increases the overall evaporation, because energy is not used to warm up the rest of the water. Unless you want to evaporate the entire pond, there is a difference between heating up only the water you want to turn into steam and heating up all the water.

Another way to say this is: You use the energy you get to heat the part that's important (the layer exposed to the air that CAN evaporate) more efficiently.

How these things could be used isn't real obvious. Maybe along the coast to increase evaporation and moisture carried in wind that travels inland? I have seen a few diagrams of greenhouses with dew collectors on the ocean side to catch evaporated seawater for use.

Though, I can't see how they would be much better than getting the sand on shore wet, maybe the fact they do this unattended....

Comment Re:Jurisdiction (Score 1) 110

The argument is that he had a presence in the US (server)

Ah, that's what I was missing, thanks.

The message has been sent -- you dip your toe in the torrent waters above a certain level and your life will be turned upside-down.

They are also close to sending the message that they intend to enforce their rules across the whole world. Which I guess accords with the rest of the US's imperialist message.

Comment Re:Trivial??? (Score 1) 140

And yet if something illegal happens on the WiFi, will the govt ignore it?

This is a horrible idea, sorry. The govt should bring in WiFi hotspots, and not put locals at risk.

Considering the arbitrary and capricious (not to mention illogical and nearly insane) actions of the Italian court system a person would have to be totally stupid to assume the government wouldn't immediately turn around and throw someone in jail for a monkey-trial if something illegal happened on their open wi-fi.

Heck, they threw geologists in jail for not predicting a quake right just a few years ago. Think the same group of italian government turds aren't sniffing around this quake?

Comment Re:If You're not rich, have a bright future! (Score 1) 366

The labor might be that cheap, but do they work strict 40 hour work weeks, use OSHA approved equipment, can afford a livable quality of life (support a family comfortably, take vacations twice a year), get fully paid health insurance, dental etc for that $5-7 a day?

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