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Comment VR, huh? (Score 2) 67

Let's see.

2160 * 1200 (Oculus Rift CV1) 3 bytes per pixel * 8 bit depth * 90 FPS (Oculus Rift required spec) = 5.5 Gbps.

3840 * 2160 (4K) * 3 bytes per pixel * 8 bit depth * 90 FPS (Oculus Rift required spec) = 17.9 Gbps. At 60 FPS that drops to 11.9 Gbps. To fit in 8 Gbps you have to drop the framerate to 40FPS, which isn't really good for VR.

Yeah, it works for the CV1. But anyone who's used one knows that a higher resolution is badly needed, so obviously the next iteration will have to be better. I've been hearing talk of 8K not being enough for ideal performance.

Comment Re:Wow... (Score 1) 191

So, because Apple is involved, it's ok to pass off shoddy untested and unverified products at the same time as ripping off a company's trade dress and defrauding customers.

These aren't just generic USB chargers you plug into the wall - these are made and advertised to look like genuine Apple products, using Apple logos and everything. Except that they aren't.

Good to know that irrationality still wins the day with both Apple's fans, and detractors.

Speaking of irrational, which ignorant consumer thinks they're actually buying a "genuine" Apple cable from the most infamous fixed-price electronics vendor on the planet, at a fraction of what they charge everywhere else?

Give me a break. Yes, you have a point regarding counterfeiting, but when something is way too good to be true, it probably is.

It just makes me all that more certain that Apple is price gouging on all their products.

There is NOTHING in those cables that should make them cost 26 bucks.

Comment Re:Extradition? (Score 1) 80

Bush's "the constitution is just a damn piece of paper" playbook

Sidenote: I was trying to explain my beliefs on politics to my son earlier this week, and decided to look up this quote on the fly while I was telling him about it. I learned that there's no evidence Bush ever actually said this. Although he did certainly act like he felt that way.

I realize you're not necessarily asserting that Bush actually said it - but I thought you might be interested. It was interesting to me.

Comment Re:They lost me at Goldman Sachs (Score 1) 237

There's at least two reasons here why GS would be interested:
1. High frequency trading, if you control the software and make it as fast as possible, then all that is left is the networking between you and the exchange. Controlling the networking is the next step, this is total control, total integration
2. Limit backdoors; if you own the system totally and completely, you can nearly guarantee your system has no backdoors from state actors.
If you're as big as GS, you definitely don't want to own any american made networking hardware, and building it from the ground up is a cheap hedge against whatever lawsuits come down the line

Comment Re:small problem (Score 2) 227

The main problem is that the sun does not produce a whole lot of energy that can be captured on the night side of the earth, and we happen to consume a lot of energy when it's dark. If you overbuild capacity for daytime generation, nighttime generation is mostly solved, the big problem now is not cheap renewable energy, but rather, how to store it. Even if converting water and CO2 in to Ethanol is only 15% efficiency, you're still able to store 15% of your excess grid energy, whereas before you could only store 0% of excess grid energy. These guys are claiming 60% in the lab, which probably means 20-30% at industrial scale, perhaps 40% within our lifetime. It's not 85-90% hydro-electric efficient, but that's pretty dang good for a fuel which has so many uses, stores well for long periods of time and works with existing combustion engines.

Comment Re:I'm a little confused (Score 2) 636

So you just stopped when you didn't find anything on WP?

No, I blabbed on Slashdot, like any good Slashdot reader. What'd you expect me to do, RTFM? :)

(The truth is I found the statement in the article that Thiel became an adviser in 2015, but I still thought it might make for a good discussion and went on and posted it anyway.)

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 313

A good chunk of that is executive and engineering salaries, R&D costs etc etc
If they fired all but a skeleton crew and ran it out of AWS they could definitely do what was proposed.
The problem is that they've been in "perpetual growth mode" for 8 years or so, but haven't been able to show any growth for 2-3 years. They've been trapped at about 320 million users for well over one year, soon to be two years. Due to... Silicon Valley mentality + brand name appeal(?) they've continued to attract business dollars but I suspect when they do hard analysis of how many engaged human (not bots, not automated scripts) users they have, they realize it's a skeleton service like PR Wire or whatever, that marketers buy in to and the business/journalism community uses as a read-only service, but there's no "social networking" happening by anyone with any money (i.e. adults and college students).
My guess is that Sales Force, etc sign a NDA, do their due diligence and find out that they have less than 150 million engaged verifiably human users. That certainly devalues the stock. Eventually it'll come out, it's only a matter of time.

Comment How is this paying extra? (Score 1) 56

Think of it like a microtransaction or in-app purchase in a mobile game, where you can't enjoy the full benefits of a product you ostensibly already own or pay for without ponying up a few extra bucks

I'm a bit confused. If you don't have an unlimited data plan with Verizon, then how is it possible to think of this as a situation where you own something but can't use it without paying extra?

Comment Re:Yeah. Right (Score 3, Insightful) 367

Or are you one of those gullible people who believe that the media is biased against Trump despite the media actually greatly assistingTrump's campaign by repeating every damn stupid thing that he says? He'd never have made it through the primaries if the mainstream media weren't so obsessed with him.

They unconsciously assisted Trump. They were competing with each other for viewership. The media didn't believe its own adage, "Any news is good news" because it gives name recognition. Now, the main news outlets, and even Google search results, clearly favor Hillary.

It's the same stuff every day: Everybody is SO Appalled by ______ (insert modified v of what he actually said) that Trump said.; Clinton is (destroying, crushing, obliterating, overwhelming) Trump in popularity.

Just look at tomorrow's lead stories. That's what they will say.

This, btw, is why you should vote against Hillary. At least Trump will have a hostile press.

The part I'd like to know is when did "the news" become 24/7 instructions on what to think and feel about things.

Try it, just consume whatever news you do, and take note of the time they spend on "the what" verses the time they spend telling you what to think and feel. "You will be shocked!" No. Dude. A responsible and intelligent (not to mention wise) person decides that stuff for themselves. YOUR job as a "journalist" (in quotes, because there aren't any anymore) is to find information, collate it into useful form, and present it.

Comment Re:Moores Law (Score 3, Interesting) 116

My buddy bought a second hand, Xeon 16 physical, 32 logical core workstation with 96GB ram for under $1000. It's sandybridge era, but hot damn there's plenty of cores to spread the work around. We estimate that even though his workflow involves six different VMs, he won't need to upgrade his personal machine again for probably five years. I was considering buying one too, but I think I'll settle for a brand new i7 quad core XPS 15 with a 1050 GPU for ~$1800, which ought to last me four years or so. Maybe more. My 2012 era i5 thinkpad laptop (ivy bridge) is still faster than anything I need it for, but the screen needs updating, and to be larger as my eyesight starts to deteriorate as an adult and replaces my old "fire breathing" desktop from 2010. I'm a power user and barely find reason to upgrade my hardware, I can only imagine how long the average user can go between upgrades these days.

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