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Comment Re:Can't blame NASA (Score 3, Insightful) 55

NASA is the easiest go to for pork barrel politics.

I would like to remind you that about a trillion dollars a year go toward "defense". The budget for the F-35 is almost as large as the entire budget for NASA! If you want to talk about pork, you aren't talking about spending money on science, you're talking about defense spending.

Comment there is a reason for that (Score 3, Informative) 54

... are most likely to misidentify black people than white people.

Before you jump to conclusions about "racist software," I can tell you that the reason for this is very well known and understood: lighting and contrast ratios. Specifically, you get a much higher contrast ratio of faces with light skinned people from image sensors than do you for dark skinned people unless you have their face very well lit up. Simply put, camera sensors are a poor substitute for the human eye and this is one of the side-effects of that.

Comment Re:Thanks, but no thanks. (Score 1) 101

We can't even secure our non-brain-connected computers, devices, vehicles, etc, from outside intrusion,

Nobody is making you use those things. I use a smarterphone (aka a "dumbphone") with an uninteresting OS, my car has no wireless connectivity and both my desktop PC and router which run Linux have never been compromised.

why in the world would I want to open the door for someone to hack my brain through a computer?

At this point it's merely researching the possibility. Why do you think any medical-grade product made from this would be internet connected?

I'll leave my brain standalone and air-gapped from computers

If you live to see the resulting product, you may change your mind when everyone has perfect memory and significantly high cognition than you. You could easily be relegated to being only capable of menial labor like the mentally challenged.

and the internet.

Why do you have so much focus on it being internet connected?

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