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Comment Re:Labor costs vs automation (Score 1) 126

What are you talking about? Workforce participation by working age adults is dropping fast. We are at levels not seen since the 1970's, when women participation was half what it is now.

Nah, even U6 is below 10% now, which means the people who are not working really, really do not want to work. They are old and retired or whatever.

Comment Re: Running Linux on Windows is awesome? How so? (Score 1) 183

Visual Studio beats anything on Linux.

This is the sort of thing you hear from Windows devs in a bubble. Visual Studio is the best.......only for C# and .NET. The fact is it doesn't even have basic refactoring tools, something that even Eclipse has had for a decade. Visual Studio without Resharper is really a pain. With Resharper, Visual Studio becomes tolerable, and you have to pay for it. And this only relevant if you prefer the kind of corporate development environment of Java/C# (which in many cases is the right choice). If you prefer the freedom of dynamic languages like Python, or low level languages like C, or for some reason think Node is King, then Visual Studio is a joke that will leave you crying. It's not even a competitor.

Incidentally, the reason VS was better than Eclipse a decade ago was because it was easier to set up projects. Not anymore, Eclipse has advanced past VS in that category.

Also NuGet is a dog. Even Jon Skeet says so.

Comment Re:Busses, Street Sweepers and Garbage Trucks (Score 1) 79

If there's a regular posted schedule of when parking is not allowed due to street sweeping then maybe it would work to get those people to not park there next time.

Yeah, that's the goal. But there are usually one or two cars remaining on every block from people who didn't understand.

Comment Re:Busses, Street Sweepers and Garbage Trucks (Score 1) 79

I think sweeper cars would be perfect, nobody would care if they drive at 10 mph with the yellow warning lights say 01-04 AM, if they get stuck or have a breakdown you have time to send a mop-up crew to collect them before the morning rush.

Especially since a human already has to go in front of the street sweeper already to write tickets.

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