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Comment Re:President Obama should heed his own words (Score 1) 436

There is zero, zilch, nada, evidence of significant Democratic voter fraud.

How exactly do you think Democrats were able to maintain hold on the house for so many years?

Appropriately enough, Mr Gerry, who gave his name to Gerrymandering, was of the Democratic-Republican party.

Comment Re:tail feathers from bird (Score 1) 63

And, incidentally, the same people are quoted in that article, also about amber from Myanmar.

Yeah, but no one reads the article :)

I used to write +5 moderated comments over and over, merely by reading the article, and restating some interesting points here in the comments. Easy mod points, and the mods hadn't read the article.

Comment Re:Pratchett and Baxter already predicted this (Score 1) 273

My wife says that childbirth (4 kids, so it`s a relatively good sample)

A sample of one person is not very good. Some women have it easy, others have it hard. Those who have it easy tend to have it easy for all their kids, and their bragging about it annoys other people who didn't have it so easy.

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