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Comment Re:Venezuela is a 1 commodity market (Score 1) 684

'socialist' is a meaningless word, because everyone has their own definition. Is Norway more of a command economy than Venezuela? No, and 'command economy' is the topic here. tbh though I can't figure out what definition of 'socialist' you are using that has Norway more socialist than Venezuela.

Comment Pot...Meet Kettle (Score 1) 355

The Washington Post calling out anybody on alternate facts is dubious at best. Downright scandalous at worst. And MSNBC plainly state they are an opinion station not a news agency. I want to know where anybody is getting "official" numbers for any of the inaugurations since they stopped taking headcounts years ago. All counts you see put forth as fact are actually guesstimations based on a photo of the event. The numbers can be close but never verified. The inauguration is harder to count because no aerial photography is allowed (No fly zone). Add to that rioters blocking the entrance to the Mall preventing attendees from actually entering and numbers become even more irrelevant. I didn't want to believe the media had gone completely partisan but the more they publish hearsay and innuendo the more it looks like they have.

Comment Re:So it you watch someone draw the pattern... (Score 1) 143

Your solution of turning it off before a possible event is a step in the right direction, but it's not reliable enough. It works ok when you get pulled over ... you have lots of time between the lights flashing and officer at your window. But for a lot of situations you don't have that luxury. For example, if it is lost or stolen it'll still be turned on, or if you are arrested just walking down the street...

Or if you are grabbed when your phone is open, like dread pirate robert's.........

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