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Comment Re:MapReduce is great (Score 1) 106

I'd say its really this.

You have a business problem which is completely unrealistic to solve via. vertical scaling on SQL Things in the range of 50-200k CPU hours Hadoop is good for. SQL solutions are pretty dreadful at 1000 CPU hours type workloads. BTW petabytes and exabytes. SQL is pretty good for terabytes.

Comment Re:Using Javascript (Score 1) 127

Similarly, other people have advocated using strict coding discipline as a way of writing better JavaScript. Sure you can do certain things in JavaScript, but you just don't ever do those things, including ignoring entire language features completely.

That's true but important libraries (like D3, for example) use that sort of idiom standard. So unless you're just going to rewrite all your own libraries (which actually isn't entirely unreasonable), you're going to run into that kind of problem.

Comment Re:Using Javascript (Score 2) 127

For example prototyping often goes much more quickly with languages that feature dynamic types

I don't think that's true, but I'm open to data that proves otherwise. Prototyping goes quickly in languages that have good libraries (if I want to prototype a new kind of web server, for example, I might try Golang, because it has good libraries for that kind of thing).

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