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Comment Re: He cheated OTHER players (Score 1) 221

The condensed version of the casino's argument, afaiui, is that the state only allows non-rigged games (with some technical definition of "rigged" i can't be arsed to look up), and that since one party conspired to rig this game, the contract should be voided regardless of whether or not the casino specifically agreed to the details. It's not a totally ridiculous defense, given that the regulatory framework exists (whether anyone likes or not).

Comment Re:Remember kids! (Score 3) 221

"they harass or physically threaten them."

i suspect that they first ask them to leave, and after that formally evict them, and inform them that they are trespassing. maybe they skip the asking nicely part; that's okay.

but if the silly gits still don't leave, well, yeah, willful trespassers are often treated poorly. this is hardly unique to casinos; i've seen more than a few slashdotters commenting in gleeful terms about how they'd not hesitate to shotgun anyone trespassing on their property.

Comment Re:Coast Starlight (Score 1, Insightful) 369

Why not start upgrading the track to run at 150 mph in segments and speed up the trip?

Because Amtrak is a corporate welfare basket case that will never come close to justifying itself economically. We have aircraft now. Passenger rail is for short-distance commuting, and it's barely cost effective at that.

If done correctly, high speed rail could work on the west coast.

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.


Comment Re:Double-dipping Nintendo (Score 1) 153

Sorry but to steal a line from Mel Brooks "bullshit bullshit aaaannnnndddd bullshit!"

Lets go down the list, shall we? 1.- No players...if you have friends that like the game? You got players. And if a game is even slightly popular, with so many PC gamers in the world? There is gonna be players. If you'd like an example Gotham City Impostors has been abandoned by WB since 2012 and left to can still jump into a match as there is around 10k people worldwide still playing. 2.- Gamespy...nope, sorry. I guess you missed it but a good 90% of the Gamespy games got patches to switch to Steam, in fact was just playing some Borderlands I MP and that game was Gamespy, the few that weren't patched by the company? Gameranger added support so you can just use that.

Then when you figure in the backwards compatibility, how GoG has launched Galaxy to give MP support to all the great old games they have, complete with MMing and chat, and how you can play anybody on the planet, no publisher choosing what region is allowed to play? I'm sorry but there is no comparison and console gamers really need to tell the big 3 they aren't gonna put up with this nickel and diming horseshit. Sadly console gamers have been getting fucked by the big three so long they won't even think about it. Mark my words the next thing will be required updates needing their services so you won't be able to play a game at all if you don't patch and you can't patch if you don't pay for the service...and sadly console gamers will take it.

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