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Comment Re:Still not ready for cities (Score 2) 177

First of all, fatalities aren't the only accidents. Secondly, you don't have to drive them a hundred million miles to get a statistically significant sample. Thirdly, it's not just trucking companies, but their insurance carriers and all of their customers who will want to see this legislation.


Comment Re:Still not ready for cities (Score 1) 177

The government isn't going to let fully automated trucks run around with nobody to watch them any time soon,

I give it a couple of years, tops. Once the data are in showing a significantly lower accident rate than human drivers, those rules requiring a human on board will look like the rule about all cars having to be preceded by a man on foot carrying a red flag.


Comment Re:What's a Trump voter to do ? (Score 2) 177

high school graduates who have been coasting through life thinking their whiteness entitles them to a middle class lifestyle are toast. The number of jobs they're intellectually capable of performing is set to dwindle.

I can say the same thing about anyone with a (whatever) "studies" degree. Making coffee's pretty easy to automate.


Comment Re:Third party standards (Score 2, Insightful) 434

To answer your question the political agenda of the SPLC is simple,it is to promote themselves so they can get more money.

After all if they don't have a new "bogeyman of the day" to shill for the press, why the press won't write about them anymore, and gasp! They might not be able to get those big fat donation checks anymore! You see the flaw in your logic is assuming its automatically a black/white issue and that one has to be beholden to a single political party, when looking at your typical SPLC list its pretty obvious they hate all religions and religious groups equally but their biggest goal is to label damned near every assembly of more than 4 people as a "hate group" so they have someone new to shill to the press because in the end? Their biggest desire isn't the favor of a political party, its good old fashioned money money money.

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