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Comment Re: Moore's, Ohm's, and other empirical laws (Score 1) 106

false, LHC has to borrow/rent compute cycles from other labs for processing the volume of data it gets from experiments, and that processing goes on for months after experiments end and that constantly varies, it's dynamic. they don't buy what they need based on moores law

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 396

right, just like office automation put all the office workers out of work....oh wait, IT became huge thing

quit extrapolating the past to the future, you're wrong in ways you can't even dream of yet

technology makes tools, people will be able to make and create like never before. in fact, they're already doing it. quit being a lazy arse and get with the program

Comment Re:It's just smart business. (Score 0) 396

You can't say two months in whether expectations are achievable or not.

And you're confused about Healthcare, Obamacare is a fiscal disaster, incorrect assumptions about money needed to fund the thing were made; it will collapse. It is a Democrat's debacle.

Past administrations allowed unfavorable trade deals with places that have no regard for worker safety (or age for that matter). True "competitive" foreign sources would not be reliant on near-slaves and so should never have been allowed.

Hiring and stocks are already up, analysts disagree with your assessment of the future.

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