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Comment Re:How do you define robot or how many displacemen (Score 1) 262

no, you should realize that much of Turing's work dealt in hard proofs and formal logic

BUT his "test" was just an opinion, nothing theoretically rigorous about it nor is it the "correct answer" to question of intelligence

meanwhile the usual processors and memory and programs we use are not intelligent, not capable of self-awareness or feeling or emotion and can not be so. A different type of system would have to be employed than our digital logic gate ones.

Comment Re:To put it into perspective (Score 1) 237

The techniques are already there but the waste continues, again MOST HELIUM IS VENTED not used. False your phrase of "where economically feasible", it just isn't done because too many gas companies couldn't be arsed. No shortage on this earth. No mystery where it comes from either, just alpha particles from decaying nuclie

Comment Re:Fucking CNN (Score 1) 237

So you fail to acknowledge the fact that many planets including Earth have yet to clear their orbits? That's fine, be non-scientific, and agree with an opinion because "prestigious people think that"

I am not speaking of preferences but FACTS and LOGIC. You lose.

Comment Re:How do you define robot or how many displacemen (Score 1) 262

there is no problem, no machine has feelings or sense of self or suffers pain. it is nonsense to talk of machine "rights".

no amount of silicon processors and algorithms can or will have feelings or self awareness, biological life is nothing like any computer system

the stupidity of people is amazing.

Comment Re:1982, grandpa said "study computers and robotic (Score 1) 183

in 1981, when I was in high school, several of my friends and I took the typing class because we believed computer were going to be a huge thing

that was the first time teacher ever had more than one male student

we also had a computer club where we shared a TRS-80

I'm glad for the typing class & the Z80 assembly I did in computer club, still useful!

Comment Re: If this is correct it should be easy to check (Score 3, Informative) 299

except it takes 300MW to produce a newton of thrust, which is why I don't buy the argument of exhaust photons causing EM drive thrust, the level of photons (they're all contained in any practical sense) leaving the device, if any, are far far too tiny to produce thrust. so if something is really going on, it isn't simple photon propulsion

Comment Re:To put it into perspective (Score 1) 237

nonsense, it can take an immense amount of fuel to de-orbit something, depends on mass and delta vee needed. For example, let's consider de-orbiting around the sun. it takes more energy to reach the orbit of mercury from an orbit at earth's distance, than to leave the solar system entirely, let alone to send anything into the Sun. If an asteroid needs a huge delta vee change to be captured by earth, large amounts of fuel will be needed.

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