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Comment Re:Radiation? (Score 1) 252

Survey meters in the nuke industry don't work by geiger tube, those become saturated and then give a very LOW reading as the tube needs recovery time after a discharge - dangerously misleading! The conversion of counts to milirem depend on energy and type of particle and sensitivity of tube type but roughly for "common" situations might be 1000 counts/minute = milliREM/Hour. So no geiger is going to detect say the 2.5 REM/ Hour that in one hour puts you over the federal limit for a nuke worker's entire YEAR, it would just saturate since that's over 13 million counts per minute

The usual survey meters use ion chambers or scintillation, the ion chamber with high range get into the nuclear disaster/war fallout range of several to thousands of REM per hour. Geiger can't do that.

geigers are used for "contamination monitors", in other words radioactive dust or dirt on you that you wouldn't want to ingest

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