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Comment Re:Now he should be shot by a native American (Score 1) 1149

oh and which wave of migrations into N. America are you going to say are the rightful ones. Or do you know what for example the horse tribes did to each other? Right or wrong humans do exactly what you say they can't do, been going on for as long as there have been humans.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 1149

2nd point mostly comes from troll under the bridge

but that classification is still used in forensic anthropology and is not meaningless but does describe a migration of humans and their descendants. Also, Europeans and Indian's language comes from common branch of human languages, "proto indo-european"

Comment Re:Fat Change (Score 1) 364

, a simple redesign of tower would eliminate need for humans to be involved in winching any heavy objects, you are just thinking of something designed to be worked on by "naked apes" (as D. Morris called us). designing from the ground up for automated maintenance is trivial, and will be done because it will be immensely cost effective.

tape? pfft, the truly huge data centers can't and don't use that. obsolete.

    hyperconverged architecture means you just replace a whole disk/cpu/memory building block, and that can be totally automated. don't need a human in charge of systems maint. your thinking is late 20th century.

Comment Re:Not exactly take, but augment (Score 1) 364

it most certainly can be allowed to happen, war is one way humans reallocate resources. politicians have waged unthinkable wars before, politicians have engaged in genocide. Everyone's job may well be to be a soldier the normal state of affairs is for most to be expendable peasants under a tiny elite. The elite don't care if they rule billions or remaining millions, so long as they're ruling.

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