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Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 878

2nd point mostly comes from troll under the bridge

but that classification is still used in forensic anthropology and is not meaningless but does describe a migration of humans and their descendants. Also, Europeans and Indian's language comes from common branch of human languages, "proto indo-european"

Comment Re:Fat Change (Score 1) 352

, a simple redesign of tower would eliminate need for humans to be involved in winching any heavy objects, you are just thinking of something designed to be worked on by "naked apes" (as D. Morris called us). designing from the ground up for automated maintenance is trivial, and will be done because it will be immensely cost effective.

tape? pfft, the truly huge data centers can't and don't use that. obsolete.

    hyperconverged architecture means you just replace a whole disk/cpu/memory building block, and that can be totally automated. don't need a human in charge of systems maint. your thinking is late 20th century.

Comment Re:Not exactly take, but augment (Score 1) 352

it most certainly can be allowed to happen, war is one way humans reallocate resources. politicians have waged unthinkable wars before, politicians have engaged in genocide. Everyone's job may well be to be a soldier the normal state of affairs is for most to be expendable peasants under a tiny elite. The elite don't care if they rule billions or remaining millions, so long as they're ruling.

Comment Re:Future of Internet Porn (Score 1) 259

that's not impossible to comply with and the major porn companies had been doing it for years, since 1988 if I recall correctly. 2007, the 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled it was against free speech. There is a en blanc review of that ruling that has never been scheduled.

Comment Re:Future of Internet Porn (Score 1) 259

You didn't link full pledge but here it is, sorry but it's clear it's just talking about "bad porn" and terrible human actions that support it. not a plan to ban all porn, that's between your ears

If elected President of the United State of America, I promise to:

Uphold the rule of law by aggressively enforce existing federal laws to prevent the sexual exploitation of children online, including the federal obscenity laws, child pornography laws, sexual predation laws and the sex trafficking laws by:
appointing an Attorney General who will make the prosecution of such laws a top priority in my administration and,
Providing the intelligence community and law enforcement with the resources and tools needed to investigate and prosecute Internet crimes involving the sexual exploitation of children.
Aggressively enforce the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requiring schools and public libraries using government eRate monies to filter child pornography and pornography by requiring effective oversight by the Federal Communications Commission;
Protect and defend the innocence of America’s children by advancing public policies that prevent the sexual exploitation of children in a manner that is consistent with the government’s compelling interest in protecting its most vulnerable citizens, within the limits set forth by the First Amendment.
Give serious consideration to appointing a Presidential Commission to examine the harmful public health impact of Internet pornography on youth, families and the American culture and the prevention of the sexual exploitation of children in the digital age.
Establish public-private partnerships with Corporate America to step up voluntary efforts to reduce the threat of the Internet-enabled sexual exploitation of children by the implementation of updated corporate policies and viable technology tools and solutions.

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