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Comment Re:carbon tax on employers (Score 1) 330

who judges "when telecommuting would suffice?" maybe I mostly ssh into servers but sometimes have to pull cable, or attach to serial port (yes kiddies, big computers unlike your wintel crap still have them for initial startup and special firmware operations as do many network appliances), or hotplug components, etc.

Comment Re:"Habitable Zone" (Score 1) 258

Sorry but all the life on our earth follows exactly one template that can exist only in narrow range of conditions. All life on earth is carbon based and requires liquid water for biological processes, no exception. There is temperature range too ends at just over 120 degrees C for life, above that it dies.

Comment Re:I can see this as an environmental disaster (Score 4, Insightful) 455

Glad you asked, the normal shutoff failed at a pump I was using and gasoline started spilling onto the ground, and it was newer pump without the manual shutoff level. Finally saw kill switch for the whole island of pumps....four gallons plus on the ground. Guy running station saw the mess and killed ALL the pumps and fire department came. Fun times.

You have no idea how the tanker trucks are restricted and designed, do you? The "basic standards" completely prohibit what this company is doing, you can't carry and deliver liquid fuel in *anything* you please, nor to *anywhere* you please, check your state laws your state fire marshal would arrest your ass!

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