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Submission + - Logging for Compliance and Security

Nos. writes: "We all know that logging is an important part of your security infrastructure. I'm currently in the process of setting up a centralized log management system. We will be using syslog-ng as our collection point, with a plan to eventually roll it out to all our Unix and Linux servers. This way we can encrypt the logs and send them via tcp as opposed to udp. This is a good start, but for security and PCI compliance, we need to do more. Future phases include collecting Windows logs, application logs (those that don't use the OS standard logging service), and eventually reporting and possibly even real time monitoring. The powers that be are willing to pay for a commercially built application, and I'm not opposed to that either. What is everyone else using? Given that we have a very diverse environment, is it feasible to go with things like OSSEC, LogMon, LogWatch, Splunk, and other open source tools?"

Submission + - Google Street View Could Be Illegal in Canada (

Nos. writes: "Canada's privacy commissioner has sent letters to Calgary-based Immersive Media, which already has images from several cities in Canada, and David Drummond, Google's senior vice-president of corporate development and chief legal officer. She's concerned that the high resolution pictures in Street View could violate Canada's privacy laws, specifically PIPEDA."

Submission + - TV Listings from SchedulesDirect Announces Prices (

Nos. writes: "For those waiting for an alternative to Zap2It's television listings, there's good news. The quick answer, $15 for 3 months. By the end of the first term, they hope to reduce that to $20/year. They're not ready for sign ups just yet, but will be soon. Great news for North American MythTV (and other PVR) users."
The Internet

Submission + - Blocking Access to Sites in Canada

Nos. writes: We've all read about the "Greate Firewall of China" and how ineffective it really is. In Canada, a lawyer is asking the CRTC to block access to a site that is inciting hate against Jews and even calling for the murder of a specific individual. While sites like these aren't big news, what is interesting, is two quotes from the article: "the CRTC has the rarely used power to order Internet providers to temporarily block them [sites] from Canadian web surfers" and "Canadian law prevents carriers from blocking hate sites without the express permission of the CRTC". Suggesting that the CRTC can demand that ISPs across Canada block access to a certain site, but also that it is against the law for an ISP to do so without being told to do so by the CRTC.

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