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Comment Re:if "a bike" has a motor (Score 1) 304

There's only one bike maker (at least major one) that measures engine size in cubic inches, and it's not Honda.

1215cc Triumph... Tiger I'm guessing? I'm a fan of Triumph ever since I had 96 Daytona 900. It wasn't running great when I bought it, but a repair manual, a couple hundred in parts, and it was an amazingly fun bike to ride. Currently on a Wee-Strom, but some day I plan to go back to Triumph. The street triples look fantastic, but I want something that at least looks like luggage isn't a complete afterthought.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 2) 449

Just because it has the chip and pin portion doesn't mean it has to have the contactless part as well. My debit and credit card for years (in Canada) were chip and pin, but not contactless. I just recently got cards that are contactless. Given that the maximum transaction size is $50 and it's a one time thing, I'm not really that worried about it, especially when it comes to my credit card where I have $0 liability.

Comment Re:It's stupid - switch to GMT (Score 1) 613

This is exactly what the world should do.
When I schedule a meeting, I just pick the time and date and everyone knows instantly when that is, it doesn't matter what time of year it is, and when [Country X] has arbitrarily decided to change times this year.

I moved from Saskatchewan (who doesn't change times) to BC and I'm not looking forward to it. Sure I'll get an extra hours of sleep this weekend, but I lose it a few months later.

The sad thing is, the number of people in SK who want to change times, or worse yet, think that province should switch to MST. For those who don't know, Saskatchewan falls completely within CST. It generally becomes an argument about this time every year.

Comment Re:Beyond the law? (Score 1, Flamebait) 354

He's saying that if you're accused of a crime, and a judge issues a court order to allow authorities to look at your phone (or other device), they have the legal right to. However, if that device is encrypted and the vendor has no way of decrypting it, it's up to you, the accused to provide the decryption key. By "forgetting" the key, you're placing yourself beyond the law.

Comment Re:Non-story. (Score 1) 346

First, nowhere does it say they were using SMTP, at least not that I saw. They are likely using SMTP with TLS.

Secondly, they had intended on sending that document within their own domain, which likely means it wouldn't have left the control of GS anyways. I'm not saying this is the best way to do things, but it's not necessarily insecure.

Comment Re:I don't like the control it takes away from you (Score 1) 865

Q: How do you turn the car off in an emergency - e.g. stuck accelerator pedal?
A: You can't just press start/stop, as the vehicle speed sensor inhibits the button, so you can't turn off the ignition whilie the vehicle is moving. This isn't even in the manual. However, pressing and holding start/stop for 10 seconds will cause the ignition to turn off completely. This is a surprisingly long time in an emergency. In fact, in several "unintended acceleration" episodes, the drivers said they tried to turn off the push-button ignition, but couldn't turn it off.

Turning the ignition off should be your last option. Your first is to shift the vehicle into neutral, pull over and stop, then shut the vehicle off.

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