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Comment Magical missing (D) (Score 1) 254

Good 'ol Vance Jr has been fucking up the country since Carter.

And he's doing it wrong too. Hey Cyrus; all need to persuade the bulk of these hapless government worshiping twits that your back door is a great idea is to convince them that you need it to prosecute wealthy tax evaders. Unbreakable iPhones are a tool of Those At The Top(tm) to keep from Paying Their Fair Share(tm).

Comment Re:Why do companies do this? (Score 1) 42

It makes the industry more liquid. The investors that hold these companies don't just hold AT&T. They also invest in Verizon and Deutsche Telekom and a plethora of smaller telecoms. The more standardized the systems are among these companies the easier it is to merge and consolidate them. That has real value for major share holders. The end state for a successful telecom company is getting bought by some politically connected monster.

Comment Re:Is it even yet confirmed as terrorism? (Score 1) 278

I'm not sure how that could leave any doubt about whether it was terrorism or not.

There isn't any doubt among the French at least. Hollande has called this terrorism, and Islamic terrorism at that. The only people trying to muddy these waters are the smirking class liberals that haven't had anyone they care about run over, blown up or shot yet.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 3, Insightful) 360

Trump will say whatever the hell he thinks will get him elected.

Right. And Hillary is going to be scrupulously truthful in all things and depend on voters giving her credit for her long history of honesty.


One thing Hillary has said that you can absolutely take to the bank, however; she'll give instance and permanent resident status to however many millions of people the "stem" degree mills of Asia can graduate. Thus our tech leader obsequience.

Cool how the employers of one of the most black free labor forces in the US can't seem to wedge enough "inclusive"s into their press release.

Comment The daily coverup (Score 5, Insightful) 88

Yesterday we learned the State Department destroyed public records concerning the illegal use of US government funds to campaign against Netanyahu. We are, once again, expected to believe that State Department officials are somehow blithely ignorant of their obligations to retain government records. We are expected to believe the correlation between deleted messages and illegal activity is purely coincidental. Just saving a little space in the inbox.

Comment Re:It's also probably illegal (Score 2) 482

The issue has always been that it is difficult to prove.

It's not "difficult to prove." Prosecutors in the US are busying themselves with criminalizing AGW skepticism under RICO but they somehow can't figure out how to present buildings full of replacement H1B workers as evidence? Thousands of signed separation agreements complete with terms requiring training one's replacement and thousands of credible witnesses somehow can't be used to make a case?

Bull. Shit.

The smirking class pressure groups that run everything have their agendas; hounding Exxon is at the top of their list. Persecuting local LEOs on behalf racial grievance mongers is right next to it. Keeping Joe 'Murican in the middle class is not on the list. No surprise where our investigators and prosecutors spend all their time.

Comment Re:An article in search of a problem (Score 1) 729

The only part of the story that rings true with me is the "disposible income" argument. As we are guided through the managed decline and the gaming demographic that used to have disposable income are instead buying healthcare for their elders and paying off student loans to keep the faculty pensioners in vacation homes while dreaming of leaving their childhood bedrooms by 40, it is easy to imagine the cost to build out a capable rig being too high.

Beyond that it's crap; folks have been building, upgrading and fixing their own machines based on review articles and item specs found at Newegg et. al. for decades now. I see no evidence that the task is any more difficult today, and there have always been perfectly workable alternatives for the "sausage finger" cop-out types that can't handle it.

Comment Re:As a non-US citizen, I'd like to know ... (Score 1) 474

It may be just a Pavlovian response, but twinkies were cheap in my childhood and lots of parents handed them out as treats when the kids were good. I doubt that I am the only one with fond memories of eating twinkies. The current iteration does not live up to my memories, but Woody Harrelson captured the essentials with his role in Zombieland.It may just be a cultural thing but watching that movie may help make some sense of it.

Comment Some Good, Some Bad (Score 1) 474

While I feel sorry for the workers who lost their jobs, there was no way they could continue to operate at their previous costs. There is a side of me that is relieved to know that I can still buy a box of twinkies to enjoy with one of my favorite Zombie movies.

Too much of my childhood was spent with twinkies and it was depressing to think that future generations would be denied that opportunity.

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