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Submission + - Apple Mail.app spam 'user error'

NoMaster writes: After earlier claiming OS X 10.9's Mail.app had a "massively bad problem" that caused IMAP servers to clog up up, Fastmail.fm have been forced to make an embarassing admission. Turns out that it was a case of user error all along...

Submission + - Microsoft's GPL code because of breach. (theregister.co.uk)

ozmanjusri writes: "While Microsoft presented its recent embrace of the GPL as "a break from the ordinary", and the press spoke of them as going "to great lengths to engage the open source community", as is often the case with Microsoft, it turns out they had an ulterior motive.

According to Stephen Hemminger, an engineer with Vyatta, Microsoft's Hyper-V used open-source components in a network driver and the company released the code to avoid legal action over a GPL violation.

Microsoft's decision to embrace the GPL was welcomed by many in the open source community, but their failure to honestly explain the reason behind the release will have squandered this opportunity to build trust, something which is sadly lacking in most people's dealings with Microsoft."

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