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Submission + - Malibu Media stay lifted, motion to quash denied

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: In the federal court for the Eastern District of New York, where all Malibu Media cases have been stayed for the past year, the Court has lifted the stay and denied the motion to quash in the lead case, thus permitting all 84 cases to move forward. In his 28-page decision (PDF), Magistrate Judge Steven I. Locke accepted the representations of Malibu's expert, one Michael Patzer from a company called Excipio, that in detecting BitTorrent infringement he relies on "direct detection" rather than "indirect detection", and that it is "not possible" for there to be misidentification.

Comment Hole punch (Score 3, Interesting) 385

When I last had a card like this, I just took a hole punch and punched out the RFID chip. they're pretty easy to locate (small square divot, usually right near the RFID symbol printed on the back of the card). You can also pry them out easily with a razor blade if you don't want a hole all the way through the card.

Snipping out the RFID chip shouldn't affect the smart card chip in any way, since they should be totally unrelated mechanisms. I could be wrong though - I haven't seen an RFID included in a modern chip card yet.

Comment Re:which reference (Score 1) 134

This was my first thought as well... but I suspect the problem is the latter - where some data in the database has incorrect coordinates and needs to be adjusted so that it is properly relative to other data in the database.

The trick is to next automate the update of coordinates in the database based on the time that has elapsed since they were last "corrected" - and I'm sure with a bit of annual tracking and simple math, someone could implement such an algorithm.

Comment Re:Raspberry Pi & OSMC (Score 1) 226

Obviously you've never used kodi...

You can configure a game controller, IR remote, or even a remote device over wifi using Kodi's HTTP interface, or a dedicated app (I often use an android tablet running Kore to control my kodi PC from the couch).

And when I want to do some serious work (like editing filenames, etc.) I grab the bluetooth keyboard with built-in trackpad that sits on the table next to my TV and use that.

Kodi rocks - I can't tell you how many people who visit ask me to setup Kodi machines for them (i usually refuse due to lack of time, not to mention it works best when you have a media library sitting somewhere on the network, which most people don't).

Comment Re:Actually 3rd point was agreement with trial jud (Score 1) 23

Actually whoever the new guy is, I don't find the site to be "improved" at all; seems a little crummy. The story was butchered and incorrectly interpreted, and the all important software for interaction seems less interactive.

But what do I know?

As to my absence I've been a bit overwhelmed by work stuff, sorry about that, it's no excuse :)

Comment Actually 3rd point was agreement with trial judge (Score 4, Informative) 23

The story as published implies that the ruling overruled the lower court on the 3 issues. In fact, it was agreeing with the trial court on the third issue -- that the sporadic instances of Vimeo employees making light of copyright law did not amount to adopting a "policy of willful blindness".

Submission + - Appeals court slams record companies on DMCA in Vimeo case

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: In the long-simmering appeal in Capitol Records v. Vimeo, the US Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit upheld Vimeo's positions on many points regarding the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. In its 55 page decision (PDF) the Court ruled that (a) the Copyright Office was dead wrong in concluding that pre-1972 sound recordings aren't covered by the DMCA, (b) the judge was wrong to think that Vimeo employees' merely viewing infringing videos was sufficient evidence of "red flag knowledge", and (c) a few sporadic instances of employees being cavalier about copyright law did not amount to a "policy of willful blindness" on the part of the company. The Court seemed to take particular pleasure in eviscerating the Copyright Office's rationales. Amicus curiae briefs in support of Vimeo had been submitted by a host of companies and organizations including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Computer & Communications Industry Association, Public Knowledge, Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Microsoft, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter.

Comment Re:Whose pay? (Score 4, Insightful) 271

right afterwards got hired at a new job that pays closer to $78k a year. I'll be doing basically the same work at the new job.

Each time I've been laid off (twice in my career), I've landed a better job getting paid more money...

So being laid off isn't always a terrible thing - sometimes it's really just the spark that ignites the job hunt for a better paying job. I know the first time it happened my salary pretty much tripled with the next job - which suggests that the company I had been with for 5 years had been taking advantage of my accumulated skills and entry-level pay.

In my case, I ended up doing software development for different industries each time, which also gave me an opportunity to learn something new.

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