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Comment Re:Makes my mind go (Score 1) 63

What you describe is not called PTSD, it is Game transfer phenomena (GTP) or Tetris Syndrome. It happens to a lot of people and for many different kinds of games. Hypnagogic imagery such as seeing pixel artifacts, sliding movements, flashing or strobing are quite common. People can even feel sensations like moving, spinning or falling in combination with hallucinations.

Feel free to chalk this up to video games being more like LSD than we are willing to admit. :-)

Comment Re:One pro of e-mail (Score 1) 121

There are thousands of email providers (maybe millions?) and they all work together transparently. I can't say the same thing about instant messenger.

SMS is nearly that way, but I have so many troubles when my iPhone friends send me MMS from a different network to my Android phone. But that may have more to do with bad cellphone infrastructure in the US than with a problem with SMS.

Comment Re:I still use it (Score 1) 121

My bank prints and mails checks for me at no extra charge, and I can setup reoccurring payments. Saves me from having to buy stamps and envelopes, or order more checks. At my current rate of check consumption I have enough pads to last me about 300+ years.

Comment I prefer email (Score 2) 121

Despite being a long time user of IRC and instant messaging (through the years:ICQ, AIM, Jabber/XMMP, GTalk, and others), I still prefer email because I can reply at my leisure, access it offline, attach documents, archive it for a long time, and it has been very reliable.

Twitter on the other hand, I have no idea what to do with. I have no problems with other people using it, if that is what they enjoy. I am simply uncertain how to incorporate it into my life, so I have ignored it thus far.

Comment Re: Internet Rape (Score 1) 499

Whatever you think, Trump is either the cure or the symptom. He is not the disease, and he is not part of the problem.

What? Of course he is. He is not the whole disease, but he is part of the disease. Think of THE PROBLEM (greed) like HIV. It attacks the immune system and makes you susceptible to other illnesses (Clinton, Trump, etc.)

Trump is a hypocrite. What more do you really need to know?

Comment Re:From a QA perspective.... (Score 1) 507

"Hey, it works on my machine" is a valid troubleshooting step. It's good to find out why QA's environment is so fucked up compared to my dev environment. And in some cases it works in the release team's environment and my dev environment but QA is escalating their configuration troubles as show stoppers. I'm happy to help as soon as the finger pointing and assumptions stop.

Comment Re:Simulator...interface is garbage (Score 1) 321

While sims are mostly faithful to their airplane type in the air, on the ground and landing, it isn't the same.

Certainly. Nor at any other time, unless maybe if you've got a very good motion simulator. That's how it is for driving, why would it be fundamentally different for flying?

There are small differences between the sim and the real thing that throw off landings.

Things like tarmac condition? Wind eddies? Windshield smudges? Temperature's effects on tire performance? Presumably, sooner or later the sims will model all these things, as well, and then some. And then it still won't be the same :)

On the other hand, simulator experience seems sufficiently relevant to the current discussion. It's enough fun when the runway is flat and straight, if you ratchet up the inclement conditions. Now make it round and curved in two dimensions and watch the fun begin!

I haven't even flown a sim in ages. I have yoke and pedal controllers, maybe I'll finally desk up so that I can use them.

Comment Re:Only viable if all planes land themselves (Score 1) 321

The runway is banked, and the angle of the bank is proportional to the radius. Anything moving along the runway, at any speed, should naturally stay on the runway. Slower objects will roll towards the inner, flatter area, and faster objects will zip around the high rim.

The word you want is not banked, it is curved. Unless you say it is progressively banked, but that's solely an unnecessarily loquacious means of stating the same precise thing. But that's just another undesirable added complexity. Now if you don't touch down at the correct lateral position for your airspeed, you're going to have to deal with the runway trying to either dump you off the bottom, or squirt you off the top.

Comment Re: Internet Rape (Score 2) 499

I am just happy that none of the hot topic governmental decisions or actions do not effect me.

Of course they do. Trump is sure to expand visa programs after claiming that he would diminish them, for example. He's stepped up programs that cause people to hate us, which creates more terrorists. Under his watch, congress is selling out our data. I don't know how you imagine these things don't affect you, but get ready. You'll soon see that they do.

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