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Comment Re:Why air gaps? (Score 3, Informative) 285

Air _is_ an insulator. Its the same idea as double pane windows.

Double glazed windows have a vacuum (or sometimes a noble gas) between the panes. If air gets in between the panes condensation starts to appear in cold weather. If that happens the window has to be replaced; they can't be repaired economically.

Comment Re:Sexting is a health issue? (Score 1) 71

Why is underage sexting a problem worth addressing, but adult sexting is not?

Disclaimer: I make no comment on the morality of sexting generally.
To answer your question, it's the same reason we make the distinction between consensual and underage sex: the line between parental and self-responsibility has to be drawn somewhere.

The strange thing is, we usually don't blame the child for wearing the stupid hat. Instead, we blame the peer for mockingly posting the hat photo on facebook.

Either you've never been in a school playground or that's a bald-faced lie. That's to say nothing of what happens when an adolescent gets access to social media. If you think adults are any better then I'm amazed you've managed to last as long as you have.

Comment Re:Change the law (Score 1) 1430

It's similar to the Electoral College, except the MPs do the voting.

Not quite. The MPs do not elect the prime minister; political parties elect their own leaders and these are "invited" by the Crown to form a government, usually after a general election.

As I understand it this is closer to the US primary system where the general populace vote on who will be the presidential candidate in the main election.

Comment Re:Interesting use of the word "indiscreet" (Score 1) 182

Interesting use of the word "indiscreet"

He used "indiscrete", not "indiscreet". That's what it says in the summary anyway, but having read through that round of buzzword bingo I don't think I'll waste my time checking TFA to see what he used there.

As to the idea of silly game elements bleeding into my everyday life... No thanks. You can keep it. They've been trying this on and off for years and it's still a nuisance at best.

I have to download your app on my phone and check it every day to fully enjoy your game? I'm looking at you, Rockstar, and your little dog too. Learn Sega's lesson from the Dreamcast and GTFO. What this guy is describing sounds very much like making casual games non-casual in the worst possible way.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 1081

The margins are gonna be a lot narrower,...

Last time I checked the popular vote showed Trump having a majority of 200,000. That's two hundred thousand in a country of over three hundred million people. There is no margin. There is no "true wish of the electorate", nor can there ever be one in a FPTP voting system.

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