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Comment Re: The answer isn't begging for money owed. (Score 1) 161

If you closed the loopholes, the corporations that actually paid for them would get upset. The only reason people are in a tizzy about Apple, Google, Amazon, and company is that they were clever enough to realize that, once on the books, the tax laws are available for anyone to use. If they'd paid their Danegeld to the appropriate politicos like Halliburton, Bechtel, Accenture (Arthur Anderson under their new name), and the like have done, there would be no issues raised.

Comment Re:no (Score 5, Insightful) 273

Your excuses are terribly lame. The mail is trivial to use. A disk player is trivial to use. Your whining about wires is also lame.

If you aren't willing to plug something into your TV, then you have to be content with "smart TV" features that suck or broadcast TV.

But if you insist on depriving yourself, that's your own problem.

Comment Re:You don't say (Score 1) 251

They sometimes don't mention that doctors are often pretty quick to recommend C-sections these days, so we're unclear on just how necessary they might be. On both of my children the doctor was ready and willing to go to a C-section at first opportunity bringing it up well before due date, although it was not ultimately necessary. I suspect a C-section would have been less painful for the first child, and I can't blame the doctor for wanting to go this route for my wife's benefit, even if it wasn't absolutely necessary.

I recall studying mortality during pregnancy over time, it seems like other factors were contributing to a *growing* number of deaths during childbirth up through the enlightenment. I'm not sure C-sections explain all the issues.

Comment Re:Great System (Score 1) 214

This is for two days. It's not likely even the ultra rich are going to buy a new Mercedes specifically to bypass this rule when the maximum in fines they'll suffer will be EUR35. Not unless Europe has seen some significant deflation lately and EUR34 is the cost of a brand new Mercedes.

Comment Re:Banish cars from the city center (Score 2) 214

I used to walk half way across Reading, in the UK, from Sainsburys in the city center to my flat, carrying four or more bags of groceries. Older people had little carts, resembling carry on bags (the type with a slide out handle and two wheels) you'd see in an airport, to do the job.

And in the event I really had too much weight in those bags to contemplate walking that distance, I'd take a bus.

Why would you think you'd need a magical transportation device for more than one grocery bag?

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