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Submission + - Beer drones grounded by the FAA 1

Nethemas the Great writes: Ice fishermen on Lake Waconia in Minnesota were pleasantly surprised when a Wisconsin brewery, Lakemaid, flew a twelve-pack of their frothy suds over the icy wastes to their warm fishing cabins using a hefty, remote-controlled quadcopter. It was a match made in zero-degree weather: the brewery took orders and flew their drones out to the fishermen who, in turn, didn’t have to trudge to the shore for liquid refreshment. The FAA, however, didn’t find the arrangement so appealing.

Submission + - Hear Your Favorite Theme Songs Played by a Floppy-Drive Orchestra (

Nethemas the Great writes: While making music with computers is nothing new, it’s rarely quite so literal as the melodies of Youtube user MrSolidSnake74, who transformed eight floppy disk drives into an orchestra of MIDI magic. In the gallery above, you can hear his arrangements based on popular themes from Super Mario Bros, Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, Mega Man, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Game of Thrones and more, as performed by his floppy disk “instruments.”

Submission + - Ballmer Sells $1.3B Worth of Microsoft Shares (

Nethemas the Great writes: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is reported to have sold $1.3B worth of Microsoft shares and expects to clear 25.7 million more for a total 75 million shares by year-end. Ballmer has stated it's for tax preparation and portfolio diversification however, this major sell off will certainly fuel the growing concern that Microsoft is falling behind and failing to adapt to new trends in computing.

Submission + - Unambiguous Evidence of Water on the Moon (

Nethemas the Great writes: "Information has leaked ahead of the scheduled NASA press conference tomorrow that we have found unambiguous evidence for water on the moon. The follow is quoted from

Since man first touched the moon and brought pieces of it back to Earth, scientists have thought that the lunar surface was bone dry. But new observations from three different spacecraft have put this notion to rest with what has been called "unambiguous evidence" of water across the surface of the moon.



Submission + - Plumbing the oceans could bring limitless clean en (

Nethemas the Great writes: "FOR a company whose business is rocket science Lockheed Martin has been paying unusual attention to plumbing of late. The aerospace giant has kept its engineers occupied for the past 12 months poring over designs for what amounts to a very long fibreglass pipe.

It is, of course, no ordinary pipe but an integral part of the technology behind Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), a clean, renewable energy source that has the potential to free many economies from their dependence on oil.

"This has the potential to become the biggest source of renewable energy in the world," says Robert Cohen, who headed the US federal ocean thermal energy programme in the early 1970s."


Submission + - Securing your notebook against US Customs ( 1

Nethemas the Great writes: "Last month a US court ruled that border agents can search your laptop, or any other electronic device, when you're entering the country. They can take your computer and download its entire contents, or keep it for several days.

Encrypting your entire hard drive, something you should certainly do for security in case your computer is lost or stolen, won't work here. The border agent is likely to start this whole process with a "please type in your password". Of course you can refuse, but the agent can search you further, detain you longer, refuse you entry into the country and otherwise ruin your day.

Bruce Schneier of the UK's Guardian newspaper give us some tips for securing your notebook for border crossings.

I must say upon finding articles such as this I can't help but think to break into song with Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the U.S.A."..."


Submission + - Hero Rats Employed in Land Mine Disposal (

Nethemas the Great writes: Every 20 minutes someone somewhere is hurt or killed by a landmine. In Africa Hero Rats are being trained up to tackle the task of detection. Traditional methods using metal detectors can hit on anything from sardine cans to nails and still miss the plastic cased mines. In each case though they have to be treated as if they're the real deal. The hero rats however, sniff out the explosives with a sense of smell roughly 1 million times stronger than a human and can clear a 100 square meter area in just 30 minutes. What's more unlike their human counter part these guys are so light they don't accidentally set off the mines.

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