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Comment Re:Leaf off the air too (Score 1) 125

At least you get Pandora, TripAdvisor, etc.. Us Infiniti owners just got a broken promise with our Q50s. The jack wipe managing the Airbiquity Choreo integration (branded InTouch) never bothered to turn on anything other than Facialbook and Google Search. I guess they prefer drivers to fumble with the phones they're streaming from via bluetooth instead.

Comment Re:Leaf off the air too (Score 2) 125

What's dumb is that my 2015 Infiniti Q50 was dependent upon their 2G service for connectivity to the mothership. It was contractually known by Nissan that the 2G telematics control unit they selected for their brand new Q50 model (2014 first release) was dependent upon a service that'd go dark in 3 years. It wasn't until the 2016 model year that they switched to something newer, even then some of their other 2016 models were being churned out with the 2G TCU for a portion of 2016. Additionally, that 2G service made the connectivity features, e.g. online search, speech recognition, etc. so painfully slow to use as to be worthless. Continuing that tradition of stupid it seems the replacement TCU (which they make you pay for) only supports 3G.

Comment CDC recommendations (Score 0) 373

The CDC suggests to help close the gap, health care providers in rural areas can: Screen patients for high blood pressure; Increase cancer prevention and early detection; Encourage physical activity and healthy eating; Promote smoking cessation; Promote motor vehicle safety; Engage in safer prescribing of opioids for pain.

I assume this is a joke. It can't be anything else.

Even if they can afford to go to a health care provider. Even if they did regularly visit a provider for health screening. I would pretty much expect their doc isn't telling them to chain smoke and binge on Twinkies and beer. So even satisfying the really big IFs, these folk are still quite unlikely to listen to their doctor telling them their lifestyle isn't advantageous any more than they will listen to us p**sy liberal socialists from the urban centers of the country telling them their lifestyle/worldview isn't particularly advantageous.

Comment Re:The future was NEVER bright for 3D (Score 1) 434

Regardless of the technology behind it and their inherent limitations/problems. The content pushed though them is generally just a bunch of 3-dimensional pies thrown in your face. It doesn't provide value, it isn't employed to immerse you, it's just an add-on gimmick to grab a 3D tax from the audience. I suspect that to do it right would exclude the standard 2D version. I doubt anyone was willing to dare try that.

Comment Re:What benefit are we missing? (Score 1) 277

I would very much like to see solar deploy, wind, tidal, geothermal, etc. researched and deployed with budgets that resemble DoD purses. Energy is a very large control lever affecting many aspects of our existence. It drives wars, it drives the climate, it drives the standard of living, etc..

Making a road out of panels however, makes about as much sense to me as deploying panels on the interior walls of buildings to reclaim otherwise lost energy. It certainly might accomplish a task but the laws of physics demands it be grossly inefficient. This mandated inefficiency unambiguously places it at the back of the line for cost effectiveness.

Comment Re:This totally breaks the rendering speed. (Score 1) 766

First, I'd recommend getting a better spec'd computer as the issue will not be going away. Second, the reason for things such as the creation of new tabs taking a significant amount of time to be initialized is due to how browsers are now "sandboxing" them in their own operating environment for security concerns. In many respects you are in effect cold starting a new instance of the web browser for each tab complete with it's own virtual environment. That's not cheap.

Comment Re: They could always work elsewhere. (Score 1) 433

If you live in a developed nation and despite opportunity to do otherwise your ambition in life is no greater than to be a surrogate robot producing and/or shuffling commodities why should we care? I would much rather use my money be used to pull people otherwise able and willing up out of their desperate situations. Kind of like those coffee plantation workers living in impoverished nations.

If you want to run a small shop as a hobby--perhaps for your retirement--then go for it. But don't expect people for the sake of a nostalgic era long past to prefer inefficient distribution of commodities to modern alternatives able to offer superior choice and price for everyday needs. Mom and pop shops are a recreational activity for the consumer and should be operated in kind by their owners.

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