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Comment Re:The Theater Experience (Score 1) 328

For me the cost tanks it. Not because relative to my income it's expensive, it's not. Rather it's because of its relative cost compared to what I have to pay for a satisfactory home theatre experience. Public movie theatres are largely obsolete in regards to the problems they were originally established to solve. They're a niche product for an increasingly niche crowd.

Comment Re:The Theater Experience (Score 1) 328

At issue isn't what theatres can afford. At issue is that fact that theatres are obsolete. At one time they were they only place where one could watch a motion picture and the only place where one could enjoy an air conditioned environment. Today most most people that could otherwise afford to go to the theatre have home entertainment systems and other amenities in various combination that are a match or better than the experience offered at a theatre.

The improvements that can be made to the video and audio experience are logarithmic relative to the cost. Today for less than $2,000 you can purchase home theatre equipment that rival commercial theatre equipment tens of thousands more. After a point, the visual and auditory experience ceases to be the determining factor. For most middle class families that point has been reached. Now other things come into play, cost, convenience, ambiance, comfort. With sticky floors, disgusting bathrooms, obnoxious or at least distracting people, IR cameras spying on you, for $30/person, it becomes a pretty hard sell.

Comment Re:"What Difference Does It Make?!?!?!" (Score 2) 694

The executive pen is unimaginably powerful. Do not be deceived. That pen can both shut down Congressional actions, and can take drastic unilateral authoritarian actions. With that pen nations become dust and glass, economies collapse, liberties vanquished, lives exterminated. The presidency is not the place for someone whose thin-skinned, vengeful, petulant, egotistical, and self-serving.

Comment Re:"What Difference Does It Make?!?!?!" (Score 2, Insightful) 694

Absent a system that includes a run-off election the reality is that a vote for a 3rd party candidate is a vote for the least preferred candidate. Unless the American system changes, voting for a third-party, particularly in the presidential election is the very definition of "totally f**king stupid." Protest votes give you exactly opposite of what you desire.

The only way to effect any kind of change in the American two-party system is to do precisely what Bernie Sanders did. He caused the democrats to add his causes to their platform. It's not an ideal win but it is a win nonetheless. Everyone making an anti-Hillary protest vote is voting against your own interests. It ensures that everything Bernie stood for, everything democrats generally stand for--in this case probably even what republicans stand for--goes the exact opposite direction. In my mind at least that makes you worse than the unthinking masses buying every bombastic line coming out of Trump's rectum.

Comment Re:"Breaking news from a conservative viewpoint" (Score 3, Insightful) 136

BeauHD seems to like his hyperbole, and is still quite wet behind the ears. His naivete is amusing at times, but it'd be nice if he did a bit of background work and moderated the tone before posting all these "New law will shore up the USPS by taxing emails" type submissions.

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