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Comment Re:Leaf off the air too (Score 1) 128

At least you get Pandora, TripAdvisor, etc.. Us Infiniti owners just got a broken promise with our Q50s. The jack wipe managing the Airbiquity Choreo integration (branded InTouch) never bothered to turn on anything other than Facialbook and Google Search. I guess they prefer drivers to fumble with the phones they're streaming from via bluetooth instead.

Comment Re:Leaf off the air too (Score 2) 128

What's dumb is that my 2015 Infiniti Q50 was dependent upon their 2G service for connectivity to the mothership. It was contractually known by Nissan that the 2G telematics control unit they selected for their brand new Q50 model (2014 first release) was dependent upon a service that'd go dark in 3 years. It wasn't until the 2016 model year that they switched to something newer, even then some of their other 2016 models were being churned out with the 2G TCU for a portion of 2016. Additionally, that 2G service made the connectivity features, e.g. online search, speech recognition, etc. so painfully slow to use as to be worthless. Continuing that tradition of stupid it seems the replacement TCU (which they make you pay for) only supports 3G.

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