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Comment Overheads Rock (Score 2, Interesting) 467

The rise of PowerPoint for teaching is something I've been annoyed with for years. Honestly the best teaching tool my Professors ever used was the overhead transparency projector -- the type where the transparency was on a spool that the professor cranked to get a clean surface. This was far more legible then chalk, plus you could go crank the transparency spool in the opposite direction after class if you missed something. Not chalk dust either.

Powerpoint is annoying as professors tend to only put meaningless bullet points and skip working out the equations in real time, explaining as they go along. A good professor is interactive with the class, not just someone who reads from a script pointed at the screen. Sadly, this is way most (but not all) PowerPoint professors operate.


W3C.org Briefly Censored In Finland 115

k33l0r writes "The web site of W3C, w3.org or w3c.org, was briefly censored (Google Translation) by at least some of the local ISPs. For an unknown reason the URL was mistakenly entered into the Federal Police's censor database. Some of the Finnish ISPs use the database to filter out questionable content such as child pornography." Finnish online activist Matti Nikki describes some of the problems with this database-based censorship.

Submission + - Photoshop CS3 Public Beta

quark101 writes: According to ArsTechnica, Adobe is releasing a Beta version of Photoshop CS3. The Beta is available for both Windows and Mac, and runs on both XP/Vista and PPC/Intel, respectively. To download the two day Beta, you will need a valid CS2 Serial Number. It will be available sometime tomorrow at Adobe Labs, weighing in at ~355 MB for Windows and ~684 MB for Mac (includes both PPC and Intel builds).

Getting a Grip on Google Code 91

netbuzz writes "Niall Kennedy reports on his blog that Guido van Rossum, author of the Python programming language, has begun showing off his first project since joining Google last year. 'Mondrian is a Web-based code-review system built on top of a Perforce and BigTable backend with a Python-powered front-end,' Kennedy writes. 'Mondrian is a pretty impressive system and is currently in use across Google.' Kennedy's description of Google's current code-review system sure makes it sound like it was in need of an upgrade. 'The Mondrian tool creates a much better workflow by creating task-specific dashboards, in-line commenting, well-tracked statistics, and more,' he writes. 'The application is built on top of Python open source libraries such as the Django framework, smtpd.py mail service, and the wsgiref Web server software.'"

Submission + - Moon Hit By Meteors Frequently

From A Far Away Land writes: ""Meteoroids are smashing into the Moon a lot more often than anyone expected. That's the tentative conclusion of Bill Cooke, head of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office, after his team observed two Leonids hitting the Moon on Nov. 17, 2006. "We've now seen 11 and possibly 12 lunar impacts since we started monitoring the Moon one year ago," says Cooke. "That's about four times more hits than our computer models predicted."""
The Courts

Submission + - FCC Sued to allow Cell phone jammers

stevew writes: It looks like a small company in Florida is trying to take on the FCC in an attempt to make their Cell phone jamming product legal. Their main argument seems to be that the Communications act of 1934 conflicts with the HomeLand Security Act — so the Communications act has to go. Here is the link: http://news.com.com/Company+challenges+FCC+rules+o n+cell+phone-jamming+gear/2100-1036_3-6139854.html ?tag=nefd.lede

Submission + - Poll suggestion

An anonymous reader writes: A poll suggestion: what's you astrological sign?
Libra, Leo, etc...

Submission + - Amazon Yanks Promised Thursday Sale

theodp writes: "The Motley Fool cries foul on Amazon for not only bungling a promised 11 a.m. PT Thursday sale of 1,000 portable DVD players for $25, but also for blaming its customers for delaying the sale to Sunday at 8 a.m. PT. The sale was to have been the second in a weekly series. Last Thursday's sale of 1,000 Xboxes for $100 put the kibosh on Amazon's entire site, leading to some embarrassing publicity for the e-tailer that wants to run your business."

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