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Journal Journal: Merry Xmas my fellow /.'ers

I hope your holidays were great (I got a 5 mp camera). Your journals are the best and I do read them though I seldom post.

And my gosh, that xmas eve service of classical music and liturgy was fantastic but at 2:20 long, even my family sobered up over the course of it.

Have a happy new year too.

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Journal Journal: 9 Free symphonies by Ludwig van / BBC Phil 2

Is this usual /./Boingboing fodder?

45 RPM reports that the BBC Philharmonic is recording all 9 of Beethoven's symphonies and is putting them online as free mp3 downloads (here) starting from the 7th.

This is all part of the Beethoven Experience - every note written by Ludwig van is being broadcast or streamed between from June 5th to the 10th.

God save the BBC!

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Journal Journal: Review: Hide and Seek [De Niro] 2

Hide and Seek

A slap in the face and their hand in your wallet. At least, those words occurred to me as I watched it.

A "thriller" which is painfully boring, full of horrible plot holes, silliness (Monarch butterflies in the woods during the winter, one they killed BTW), dialogue so bad only De Niro could deliver it half believably and every cliche on the face of the planet. This was plainly put together to make money with as little artistic effort as possible, starting with the script.

The final kick in the teeth is that you spend the entire movie guessing who the murderer is, and then, in the end, you can't. The plot twist at the end is utterly impossible so you can't deduct who the killer is as they violate the laws of reality.

I begged my buddy to split at the 1/2 way point, to split and go to the pub but he insisted on sitting right through to the end of the film. We did get to the pub though so the evening wasn't a total waste.

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Journal Journal: R.I.P. Will Eisner



Will Eisner was one of those artists whose talent I just couldn't get my mind around.

He was good, so good, that whenever I'd glance at a page of his work I'd be stuck on it for several minutes marveling at his knowledge of exactly how to draw the shadows and where to place them, and at the expressiveness in his characters, and how he could sweep you across a complex sequence of panels, spread like figure eights across some page, without the aid of anything as base as arrows and still never have you skip a panel, keeping the story flowing rapidly.

His work was infinitely ahead of the 'tights & capes super-heros' and like another work, Maus, which was to follow his work decades later, actually transcended the comic book genre.

R.I.P. Will (1917-2005)


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Journal Journal: fom who

One of my brothers and I found some cheap DVDs yesterday and we picked one up for each other.

We're going to put them under the tree and label them as being from someone totally inappropriate. Ideas include:

To: K___

  • [Insert inappropriate neighbours' name]
  • The Queen of England
  • Your friendly sister / But I don't have a friendly sister. F., did you give me this? / [screams] No! / No, of course not, you couldn't have....
  • or anything else...
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Journal Journal: A Chiropractic Alternative 1

In the past when I've thrown my neck out its taken months at the Chiropractor's office and quite literally hundreds of dollars to get back into shape. The alternative is regularly swimming which I did until I recently sublaxed my shoulders and strained my labrum while platform diving.

So for the past few months I haven't done any exercise, not biking, swimming, hiking, but just nothing at all, just sitting round the computer watching my gut reappear and my neck slowly slip out, while doing physiotherapy on my shoulder.

Yesterday my neck went out, completely, utterly and agonizingly, you know what I'm talking about if it's happened to you. So I took it to my physiotherapist. They applied heat and electricity, massage, and then some minor chiropractic 'adjustment' and after two visits, It's nearly completely back to normal again. Two Days.

No more being taken for months on end, if all it takes is physio and a skilled doctor, then I've found the end of the 'return visit' and an end to the inherent dangers of neck adjustment.

And I can't wait to start swimming again.

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Journal Journal: Ong Bak - Thai Warrior

BoingBoing has ran a story on the soon to be released Thai film Ong Bak. I've seen it, and it's incredible. Check the trailer out.

The summary: the head of the hero's Villages Buddha Statue is stolen by art thieves and this rural, never been out of his village kick boxer, sets out to the big city to track it down.

"BoingBoing reader JohnD says, "Its low budget, virtually no action for the first half, then it gets as intense and exciting as you could want it too, despite the rudimentary story...".

This film rocks. It opens with a 'capture the flag' game in a tree: twenty or so men leaping from branch to branch, fighting, and falling - just some basic skill and pain. And then the fight club marathon which almost makes your hands shake.

This is real kickboxing, pure skilled and athletic violence: skull crushing blows and rib breaking knee-kicks like I'd never seen before, as brutal as Jackie Chan is comedic. And the plot gets you cheering for the good guys as well.

Having seen it twice unsubbed and being blown away both times, I, for one, am thrilled to see that it is finally getting an international release.

Seek this movie out, its not your usual corny kung-fu flick, its too real and too brutal. It will blow you away.

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Journal Journal: I live in a UN World Biosphere Reserve

Today I discovered that I live in a UN declared World Biosphere Reserve.

I've been here 7 months and had no idea, though I'd been exploring it and wandering around on the bicycle through the woodlands and escartment all summer thinking how beautiful it was and wondering why no-one had developed it. And now I know.

So, I'm going to get a camera and I'm going to document it. I've lived in horrible urban mazes and cities for too long and still can't quite believe I live in such a beautiful area.

Damn, we even have Salamanders living round here, and they're almost extinct.

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Journal Journal: Our evil prof Giggles

Has scheduled a second class for this Friday. He needs to make the time up as he took a three week holiday and had some ass from his office **teach** us for that time.

So guess which weekend he'd pick to run it on? The long-weekend or a regular weekend? Go ahead - try it.

So, since I can't afford to skip two classes (summer school is pretty intense), down the toilet went my four day weekend plans, his classes now right in the middle of them. Its not all bad though, there's plenty to do up here for one or two nights, hwk excluded. I'm still dissed though.

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Journal Journal: From the country that brought you Crop Circles... 2

Comes the sexing up of the book. Its about time too, I think, though I laughed and laughed when I first saw this (and still do); its actually a pretty neat idea.

This girl, hired by Penguin Books goes around London England and tries to find men reading the book-of-the-month. They win 1000lb when she does.

here's the site. Note the emphasis on books attracting the opposite (female) sex (the beautiful wives page) and the independent survey that confirms, women are attested to book reading men.

I, for one, wish they would do that over here. A book a month would be a breeze. And I could use the cash (and the sexing up, perhaps).

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Journal Journal: Why I won't see Fahrenheit 9/11

Damning Reveiw Here

As if MM's treatment of Bradbury (previous JE) wasn't enough, this article's author starts by describing the film as 'a sinister exercise in moral frivolity, crudely disguised as an exercise in seriousness' and throughout the article he is quite clearly offended by the film, and goes to great length to clearly show you just why its so offensive. His review just tears it apart.

What really gets me is when you get far enough into the article, it reveals that MM has hired a team of lawyers and has threatened to sue anyone over his film. That says to me it isn't so much fact as propaganda, and he knows it.

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Journal Journal: Michael Moore - Not the good guy he claims to be 2

The BBC is reporting that Ray Bradbury, a sometimes brilliant science-fiction writer is furious over Michael Moore's use of his Book name Fahrenheit 451 to name his far left wing propaganda film: Fahrenheit 9/11.

What makes the story so offensive is that Bradbury apparently contacted MM's company over six months ago, was promised a return call, and MM only bothered to return the favour now, on the eve of his film's release, when it's too late to change the film's name. So MM, who portrays himself as anti establishment and anti-corporation, because of the crooked things they do, is apparently every bit as crooked as those he claims to expose.

Its a disappointment everytime another human inevitably turns out to be fundamentally self-serving, even those whose politics you don't agree with, but you'd give them respect as you'd like to believe they are out to raise the level of respect every human gets in this life.

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