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Journal Journal: My first mod attack..

Cool, I think I've just had my first mod attack. My last four posts marked overrated today. I mean, at 1 point, it looks like my opinions are worth waay too much by default.

I wonder what provoked it? It doesn't make much sense if it was just one of those people who think that there is enough positive karma in the system. At one point each, my comments are normally just lost in the swarm.

So, if you're reading this. Thanks for the attention, Mr. Mod

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Journal Journal: Addiction

I've heard that the first step to recovery is admission. So here goes.. I am addicted to Slashdot.

I have an exam tommorow and yet I still feel compelled to come and check out slash headlines every 30 minutes. Reading the damn comments is taking up too much of my time.. And yet, much of my study material is dynamically generated by the course's website... So I can't just unplug the machine.

It's not like I'm even reading articles that I'm interested in. Why do I do this?

i think I will just stick with the offline study material until later.. that way I'll at be somwhat prepared if I get sucked back into Slashdot..

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Journal Journal: A bit better 4

So I slept early yesterday. A rare occasion for me but it was all too neccessary. My head just kept throbbing. Couldn't think at all.

Head still hurts a bit now. The throbbing is not as intense. Will probably go out and get some tylenol or something.


Journal Journal: Brain burning

Graph theory. Why must such an interesting topic have assignments that burn my brain like this?

Headache + staring at dots to find K(3,3) = Sad Neoncow.

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Journal Journal: Note

Note to self. Go to sleep earlier. Seriously. There's absolutely no point of being up at this time unless you have work to, or you are having an inordinate amound of fun. I am reading slashdot. That doesn't qualify for either of the two options.
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Journal Journal: Horizontal workspace

I wonder if there are any studies about working while lying down. Maybe there is some advantage to having your blood rush the brain, when moving from a sitting position to flat position...


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Journal Journal: False start

Well, apparently that didn't work. The journal has been sitting around for so long and I haven't tried to write anything in it.

A lot of the time I have these whimsical thoughts about how things should be and new things that I should try out. One of my ideas is that I should record these ideas somewhere because I tend to forget what I did the day before.

Blogging seems like a solution for this (this is probably a case of a solution looking for a problem, oh well). I'm too lazy to actually go set up a blog. I know it's easy to sign up with blogger or something. But I'm more interested in learning how to setup a server and install and maintain the software. I know the writing aspect isn't going to be the interesting part for me. I mean, I can't even get content for this journal. Bleh.

And anyways, people think I'm a computer person. I have a reputation to keep up. Problem is, I'm more of a knowledge sponge than a hands on person. I'd rather read about other people doing interesting things, than do it myself. Of course that's why Slashdot is such a time sink..

Should get off my lazy ass and just do it...
After midterms of course.

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Journal Journal: Studying 3

Today was probably not the right time to create a /. account and learn how it works... I should really be studying for my upcoming exams. I just don't have the focus that I need to spend hours doing calculus questions...

I mean, I just spent four hours reading /. comments, but when it comes to studying I don't have the patience... or maybe I can't get into the right state of mind that I need to just WORK.

I mean, when I have an assignment to do, there's always the incentive of beating a deadline. Hmm.. I guess the exam should be my deadline for this.. Damn. I feel dumb.

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Journal Journal: The Karma system

Finally got around to reading about the Moderation/Karma system. I can't say it's what I expected. I thought everybody could moderate comments and that the +3 was just an approximation of hundreds of moderations. Apparently not.

I always wondered how a system like that could possibly work. Well, now I know. the system that's in place does seem better than my imaginary one though.

I guess that means that I won't be moderating any comments any time soon. In fact, I guess I'll be lucky if anyone reads my comments. =)

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Journal Journal: Fresh

Well okay. So I created a Slashdot account just so I could have this semi-public(private) journal thingy. I wonder if this'll last. None of my previous journals lasted too long. At least the lifetime of this journal will be the same as the lifetime of slashdot.

I guess this is the end of my AC posts.. not that I made too many.

Now... I must figure out how the KArma system works.

Random: I like my /. account number. It's easy to remember.

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