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Submission + - Mobile Device for the Software DIY'er?

Nemyst writes: With the ever-increasing number of mobile phones and other similar devices, I've started to consider one. I've always been more of a PC enthusiast due to the obvious flexibility the hardware provides. What I wondered was: are there any devices that have some really solid open software? I constantly hear about rooting phones, but I'd rather find something where you don't actually have to circumvent measures put in place by hardware vendors and providers. It doesn't have to be a phone, as long as it's a mobile device with basic network support (wi-fi is fine).

Basically, is there any mobile device that embraces the DIY community?

Submission + - How To Take Care of Hackers 3

Nemyst writes: One of my friends is running a relatively popular online community, but he's run into a problem. With success comes the usual load of idiots and one of them, after being banned, decided to react by DDoS'ing the site. The person has been identified; name, address, all that. The problem is, what can he do from that point onwards? The guy's a minor, so that doesn't help. Can he get in contact with certain authorities that will actually do something? The attacks are costing him money and the community as more and more people leave due to the server being down half the time. I've looked about and so has he, but so far we've come up empty-handed. Unfortunately, getting a new, more powerful server is just about out of range (the current server is already costing a pretty penny). I'm sure there are sysadmins among the Slashdot crowd who have already dealt with hackers of that kind, so what did you do about it?
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Invigorating a Gaming Community? 1

FriendlyFire writes: "It's been a while since I last drilled my forehead with this issue, but I think it's that time of the year again.

I'm running a relatively successful fansite (The Starport) of the game Freelancer with other active members of its global community, but we're facing more and more issues with a slowly decreasing amount of players. Of course, the game is some 5 years old, so it's a bit logical to see a dip in activity, but we're a dedicated bunch and I believe there still exists no equivalent to the game. Therefore, I'm making a call for help: what could we, as a group, do to help the game pick back up some steam? Microsoft is of no help whatsoever, having abandoned the game about a year ago; I've been trying to get them to update the fansite list on the game's website for months without success. We also emailed some magazines and websites, but most if not all of our cries have been left without response. We aren't on the edge of destruction just yet, but the game has so much more potential left over that I feel it's a shame to see its popularity decrease so much.

Slashdotters, what can we do to get it back on the tracks? What magazines should we email? How could we get a better response from Microsoft (their technical support is a dead-end)? Are there places to advertise that kind of nearly-abandonware-yet-still-purchasable game?"

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