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Comment Re:Just install a 3rd party ROM on the phone (Score 1) 117

Samsung's tried pulling out of Android in the past and it never worked. Their Tizen watches were terrible compared to Android Wear (which is no small feat considering how poor Google's support is for AW), their forays into Tizen phones flopped, and even just on Android itself, all of their custom software, be it TouchWiz or just apps, tends to be ranked at the very bottom on virtually all levels.

Samsung would lose a lot from pushing out of Android, they just don't have the software know-how.

Comment Re:FACTS MATTER - This was NOT a party line vote! (Score 5, Insightful) 321

215 Republicans voted yes. 0 Democrats voted yes. I'm sorry, but this is absolutely a party line vote, regardless of the 15 exceptions out of 230. Yes, it's nice some Republicans apparently have the ability to think, but it's too little. Much too little.

Comment Re:I don't see it (Score 4, Informative) 300

Unfortunate that the two words have almost nothing in common then, right? "One" comes from the Germanic ancestry of English which itself took it from Latin and it meant "one" the whole way through. The French "On" actually comes from the Latin "homo", or human being.

What's more, even ignoring etymology, the two words have basically opposed uses: "One" is very formal and impersonal, whereas "On" tends to be favored in informal speech. It also really is not a good gender-neutral pronoun and is basically never used as such in French, which still favors the masculine form as the gender-neutral form.

Comment Re: Key bindings (Score 1) 161

Certain remasters went the extra mile, and people constantly claim that Blizzard is the sort to do just that. Homeworld Remastered comes to mind, having ported all the best features of each game (subsystems from HW2 with ballistics and formations from HW1, among others) into a single, unified, ultimate experience.

Unfortunately, it does appear to be the case that Blizzard are just going to release a texture pack and widescreen fix and call it a day.

Comment Re:Sounds nice! (Score 1) 127

I'm not sure the argument flies with actual humans. Remember, we're not rational agents.

Just look at many African countries, where everything is in constant shortage. They shouldn't be having kids, right? And yet they have way more than highly industrialized, rich countries. A lot of them will die, but more will survive with just the bare minimums, exacerbating the already evident shortages. Sure, eventually the population would reach a tipping point, but that would play out as more children dying than surviving, causing the population to stabilize. That's utterly inhumane and not something you can rely on for population control.

Comment Re:Subtraction... (Score 2, Informative) 133

26.29 rounds to 26, not 27.

Nobody mentioned 27 though. 2.7 isn't 27.

And, although the wording clearly implies an absolute relationship, the correct relative formula would be 26.3/25.6=1.03 when significant digits are accommodated (which would be a 3% relative increase).

You're making the assumption that 26.3 and 25.6 are given with the full number of significant digits (which may not be the case), or that significant digits actually matter in a percentage figure (not an actual measurement) in popular scientific journalism. Get over yourself.

Well, at least you're in good company.

Someone's really salty to be shown wrong, eh?

Comment Re:She has no idea what she is talking about (Score 1) 416

It seems like you didn't grasp what she's saying at all, actually. She says that since we know for a fact that our two current theories (that is, quantum mechanics and relativity) do not match up, we have no idea how complicated an actual simulation of our universe would be since we don't know the actual rules that control it. Anyone attempting to extrapolate a simulation from our current understanding of physics is most likely severely underestimating the complexity of the problem.

Just look back at Newton's laws and imagine someone thinking you could simulate our universe with just those. The problem is dramatically easier than simulating the complexity of quantum mechanics and relativity, isn't it? A similar step upwards in complexity could very well happen to reconcile those two theories.

Comment Re:if it were cheaper, yes. (Score 1) 331

Nevermind PETA's ridiculousness, if you had the choice, wouldn't you prefer not harming a living being? That's on top of the smaller environmental footprint, potential for more uniform distribution of fat, removal of undesirable parts (tendons, nerves, etc.), ability to shape the meat however you want (could have blocks of the thing!), etc.

Comment Re:So I'm going to be the grouchy old man here... (Score 1) 632

chances are there's a grumpy asshole who is of more practical use to an employer because they can handle social interactions in a workplace and understand the way work life works, with enough experience (in precisely what their employer requires!) to more than raise their net value above an inexperienced applicants'.

That's funny considering the volume of news stories on Slashdot about employment problems for older people because they tend to be more expensive and less... malleable than younger workers. So which is it?

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