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Comment Re:Because it's not software (Score 4, Insightful) 104

I disagree. The internet is equal parts hardware and software and has defined our current era. Self-driving cars and trucks might well cause a revolution in transportation methods and that's largely software based. A hypothetical sentient AI would probably be the greatest achievement of mankind and would be software.

No, the real reason Musk is seen as a much more inspiring figure is just that what he's working on is far more interesting and ambitious than just creating a site where you can share cat pictures and complain about politics or making a Walmart clone, but on the web. You could make amazing software, but the current trend is to make crappy websites.

Comment Re:Is Canada Better? (Score 2) 586

The bilingual requirement is only for governments and companies making business in the province of Quebec. It does not force companies to translate anything if they're not going to open shop there. Hell, many governmental institutions outside of Quebec and businesses (both in and outside of Quebec) don't follow those rules and nothing happens. I'm never quite sure why Americans are so quick to hate on bilingualism when there's almost as much Spanish being spoken in the US as French in Canada, proportionally speaking (and Spanish is growing, unlike French). You guys were literally built on immigration, and not all of that came from Britain, far from it.

As for free speech, yes Canadian law is stricter, but it's specifically to protect against libel or hate speech. There has not been any significant change in what courts consider to be "hate speech"; the definition is very narrow and basically covers things like the KKK or Nazism. Libel has to be ruled upon by courts as well, and means that the claims were intended to harm and were not truthful (facts cannot be libel) in the first place: they have no place on an archive anyway.

Comment Re:Look at FACE of Amazon (Score 1) 388

While I absolutely agree that these issues should be addressed, there aren't "so many postings". There's what, 100? 200? Amazon was at over 200,000 employees in 2015. One complaint per thousand employees isn't particularly unusual, hell I'm pretty sure there are way more than this that just never get out of Amazon.

Comment Re:Interesting use of the word "indiscreet" (Score 2) 182

Quantum entanglement does not allow FTL communication. We're still limited by the speed of light, which caps minimum latency to go from one end of the planet to another at around 60 milliseconds. You'd need to go through the Earth to go faster, and even then you'd have minimum 40 milliseconds latency.

Comment Yes (Score 0) 1081

The Electoral College is too susceptible to gerrymandering and other such manipulations. Popular vote is simple, straightforward, and hard to misinterpret. The margins are gonna be a lot narrower, but since in the end they don't matter whatsoever, I don't see an issue with it. It'd be more representative of the true wish of the electorate (as representative as winner-takes-all can get, anyway).

Comment Re:Calm down and don't buy the FUD (Score 2) 332

1) Trump is a left-of-center conservative who until recently was actually a Democrat. He's not Hitler. He's not going to eat your babies or throw you out of the country because your grandmother was Mexican.

Correction: Mr. Trump was a left-leaning Democrat. President Trump is a wildcard with no real plan or policies aside from building a wall, all backed by an evangelical vice-president and a very troubled Republican party.

2) Trump is a sane human being who has no intention of starting any wars or launching any nukes.

That's not what he said, and what he said is all we have to work off. You're ascribing intent to him that he has never expressed. The real answer is that we don't know.

3) Trump may be inexperienced as a political leader but he's also smart enough to delegate to people who do have experience.

Republican-leaning people, most likely, who can still do significant damage in many areas such as social policies, healthcare, environmental policies, etc. "Experience" can have many definitions and people will still have leanings even with experience.

4) Canada has its own problems. They just elected their own dumb himbo as leader and their economy isn't exactly booming. They also are trying to enact some pretty repressive anti-free-speech laws and continue to be plagued by division between French separatists in Quebec and the English in the rest of the country. Paradise it ain't. If you go there, you're probably in for some harsh awakenings.

Trudeau has yet to show any significant issue, so calling him a "dumb himbo" is really just showing your own biases. Those "repressive anti-free-speech laws" aren't very popular and aren't all that different from what many conservatives want to implement in the US. Finally, separatists, a problem? There hasn't been a majority separatist government in well over a decade. To keep raising that particular specter is completely baseless and farcical.

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