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Comment Re:"Race Relations" (Score 1) 253

Well, actually, you're contradicting yourself here. In a way, they are morally superior, specifically because social values evolve. They will continue to evolve, yes, so hopefully our children and grandchildren will be even more morally superior (much the same as we hope they'll be technologically superior, have better health and so on). That doesn't in any way change that what they said was entirely true.

Plus, the point wasn't to assert moral superiority, but rather to point out that nostalgia goggles tend to conveniently hide the unsightly elements of the past.

Comment Re:Just for once (Score 1) 466

It'd be nice for these self-proclaimed globalist elites to latch on to something that isn't an obvious failure. I mean, a quick back-of-the-envelope will tell you that an IC engine burning gasoline wins in just about every utility metric you can come up for a personal automobile (buses and trucks are a whole other matter). Yet they're declared the Wave of The Future (TM) by the Davos set.

Oh really? So what does IC do better than electric exactly? I can't think of anything aside from range and refueling. Maintenance is far cheaper and easier on electric. Fuel costs are dramatically lower. Comfort is the same. Security is the same, or better for EVs thanks to the battery pack acting as structure. Sound goes either way (some want the noise, some love the silence). Performance is arguably better for EVs (lower top speed, but still much higher than you'd ever use, and insane acceleration). Space is a net win for EVs due to the lack of a large engine block.

So again, where is this landslide you speak of? All I see is a single concern that's not all that relevant in day-to-day use and which will become progressively less important as battery tech improves.

Comment Re:If the form factor is tablet, then it is a tabl (Score 1) 116

This is specifically because the comparison between the Switch and a regular Apple/Android tablet wouldn't be very favorable to Nintendo. The Switch has modular controller attachments and Nintendo's first-party titles, that's it. Everything else is largely working against them: poor screen, virtually no use case beyond games, poor battery life, not pocketable yet not very large either, no integration with other devices you might have.

Basically, if you want a tablet and a Switch, you need a separate tablet on top of the Switch. Hence, the Switch isn't really a tablet.

Comment Re:Time to get serious (Score 1) 293

The likelihood of humans fostering a strain of resistant bacteria through antibiotics use is orders of magnitude lower than that of simply contracting already resistant bacteria from the environment. If we eliminate antibiotics misuse/overuse in farming and as a preventative or feel-good medication, we'll be fixing the vast majority of the problem. Nothing about this implies that you should suddenly stop taking antibiotics when you need them (though you'd have to take the full dose in the manner prescribed so you don't increase the chances of creating resistant bacteria yourself).

Comment Re:Look to history (Score 4, Informative) 293

It only takes a cursory search to find this NIH page advising that colloidal silver is toxic and that no health benefits have been confirmed by studies. You're encouraging people to take something that's universally seen as dangerous on the basis of completely unfounded claims of healing effects.

Comment Re:Canada extorts $1 Million from Amazon (Score 5, Informative) 159

Canada's Competition Act makes it illegal to display an "ordinary price" (i.e. undiscounted) that is not representative of the actual price you'd be paying most of the time. Basically, if that price is only shown for a short time (the product is on sale almost all the time at a different price) or that very very few sales happen at that price (because it's way too high), then it's not considered the ordinary price.

Many many companies were guilty of that sort of stuff, so the regulation helps dealing with that. I know that as an American, you're not really used to consumer protection, but Canadian laws tend to favor the consumer a lot more.

Comment Re:Whipping the Llama's Ass (Score 1) 79

You can do that with streaming too. Have you even used any modern service? You just import your current library (so it knows what you like), then it'll suggest you stuff based on your preferences. You'll get albums, artist repertoires, and "radios" (which tend to just be random tracks from similar artists you may like). And guess what? If you don't like a song, you can skip it. If you like a song, you mark it and it'll help further curate what it's suggesting.

It just feels like you cling onto Shoutcast much like others cling onto IRC. Sure, it works, but it's dated and there are reasons to prefer something more recent. To be unable to understand what makes a new tech appealing versus an old one is the same as being unable to understand why older techs were important or appealing back in the day.

Comment Re:Whipping the Llama's Ass (Score 1) 79

Streaming is superior to internet radio (Shoutcast or otherwise) because you get to pick what you want to listen. If I want one track on repeat, I can just play that. I can create my own playlist without having to own the music and start up a Shoutcast server for it.

Instead of having to pick from the 67,814 stations, you get to select the exact song out of tens of millions that you'd like to listen to right now, and slowly curate your own library to listen to whenever you wish. It's a far more flexible model.

Comment Outrageous? No. (Score 1) 366

The idea of a human marrying a robot isn't outrageous. It's just plain stupid. Until we get to the point where the robot you're marrying can actually interact with you to the extent of another human being (which probably requires sentience), you'd just be marrying a very elaborate toaster. You can do that right now if you wish, but you're going to be branded as crazy and for good reason.

We're most likely not getting sentient AI in just 35 years.

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