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Comment Re:What I learned from this article (Score 2) 398

I'm talking about places where you don't even have the memory space to load up the basic libraries for Python (or hell, even C). If you can fit Python in your microcontroller, then awesome, I'm not a C fan in the slightest but I understand why sometimes it's the only choice (or one out of a very limited selection).

Comment Re:Php tied to platform? [Re:PHP] (Score 1) 398

I think you might want to wake up from 1990, Javascript is significantly more popular than Perl these days. Virtually all websites use Javascript in some form, and there's a lot of them. I'm guessing R is getting a boost for non-programmers using it, since that gives it a much larger pool to work from.

Comment Re:What I learned from this article (Score 1) 398

Frankly, I'd say even that's a stretch. If you're looking for a job, you're probably looking for something more specific than "programming". Frontend programmers, systems programmers, embedded programmers, game programmers, web programmers are all going to want to brush up on specific skillsets. Learning C is pointless for a web dev, just like you'd never learn Python in embedded development.

Comment Re:This again? (Score 1) 398

Seriously Miss Universe is only once a year. Yet I'm seeing "which is the most popular language" every month or so here. Who gives a shit? Certainly not your CPU. It all gets compiled down to assembly anyway. THAT is the most popular language, even if few humans code in it nowadays all computers read it.

Who gives a shit? All you have to notice is that every single time this is posted, there's usually around 200 comments or more before the story leaves the front page.

Comment Re:Difference between drones and RC planes/chopper (Score 4, Informative) 305

I used to do aerial photography and video with my RC plane. The flight intention changes once you slap on a camera. Take the go pro off the drones and see how many would still fly it for the pleasure of flight. None.

It's funny how you stereotype people who enjoy something extremely similar to what you do. There's plenty of people who enjoy drone flight for the sole purpose of flying, though the camera remains an integral part of the experience since it allows you to see your drone's movement from the first person. There's even drone agility competitions which are all about maneuvering drones on extremely difficult courses, not filming. Drones just have the ability to also take beautiful shots from high on up, but that's not necessarily their sole purpose.

Comment Re:20 years (Score 1) 131

It's not fair to just look at the act in isolation. Hacking to piss someone off? Meh. Hacking to steal money? Bad, but not critical. Hacking for the specific purpose of getting people killed? Yeah, no, throw that fucking idiot in jail and I don't ever want to see him near computers again.

Comment Re:Detecting some cancer by data mining is one thi (Score 1) 259

Curing *the whole category* will require a truly fundamental progress in biology.

Why, though? At this point it seems just as likely that we'll find a miracle cure to cure all cancers as it is that we'll just figure out treatments for every kind one by one.

Comment Re:Slashdot questions (Score 2) 241

Fuck no. Teaching C would be teaching a whole bunch of bad habits, antiquated programming designs, very heavy focus on low-level management when most software these days is high level abstraction, and it'd make the overwhelming majority of students see programming in a similar way as math: boring, hard and something they want to avoid as much as humanly possible.

You're basically pulling the "We walked to school uphill both ways" stereotype here. No, your way of learning back in the day was not the best. Congratulations on doing it or whatever, but from a pedagogical perspective, it's fucking terrible. You want to ease students in, not drop them into a pit of snakes and tell them "have fun!" That might work for a limited subset of students, but it won't work for most.

On top of that, I think coding at a young age should take advantage of the fact it's structured and expose students to various language paradigms. Don't just teach traditional imperative programming, teach functional programming (which is what Mathematica is great for, or Haskell), teach logical programming (Prolog), teach OOP, teach Lisp-style languages, teach as many different ways of thinking as possible. I've seen people like you with years of C experience struggle extremely hard to grasp functional programming because it's a completely different way of thinking. If you expose people to all of these paradigms at the same time, you avoid them ending up thinking "programming is always like this."

Comment Re:Why can't you write-protect your goddamned phon (Score 3, Insightful) 97

1) Android's system partition is, indeed, write-protected. Users can never write to it. However, there has to be a partition with RW rights for data storage, and that's also where all userland apps reside. This is important because users do, in fact, install software regularly, and also updates are pushed out fairly consistently. Having to remount the drive every time would be way more hassle than it's worth if you wanted it to be actually secure in any fashion.

2) All of this is besides the point because the manufacturer is doing it. They could embed that behavior in the motherboard, in a hardware chip separate from the main CPU, they could put it in the firmware, they can do anything. Your "solution" is for a problem completely orthogonal to the issue at hand.

Comment Re:Not really groundbraking (Score 2) 113

Eh. Old games had to work around poor performance and lack of hardware acceleration, but their graphical fidelity goal was also laughably low. As long as pixels were on the screen in what roughly looked like something, it was good to go. Today's games could never work without graphics acceleration, but that isn't to say they're easy or simple to do. It's fine if you don't grasp the algorithmic complexity of things such as texture atlasing or tiled rendering, but don't imply that they're easy stuff compared to the old 2D stuff.

Comment Re:Not Causal (Score 1) 311

The fact that they offer an adapter rather dispels this theory.

Yeah, so what happens when it breaks? That'll be $20. What if you want to charge at the same time? I'm gonna bet a Y-connector for $20-30. And when you buy a Lightning headset, you've effectively just locked yourself into Apple products through a fucking pair of headphones. It is and always has been about locking people into their ecosystem or making them pay a tax for avoiding some of it.

Frankly, that some people approve of this choice boggles my mind.

Comment Re:Why are you people so worried about this? (Score 1) 116

While it is arguable that yes, the NSA's job is to spy on other countries, it still invalidates the claim that "Unless you're clearly up to no good, you don't have to worry about spyware like this."

All you have to do to be the target of spyware like this is "be interesting", or an unfortunate collateral in the quest towards someone who is interesting. "Interesting" here is rather loosely defined and can basically encompass most of the world population.

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