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Comment Re:Open the borders (Score 1, Informative) 243

Hoarding the benefits of living in the USA? You say that like these benefits just naturally grow here. The benefits of living in the USA are there because people worked and fought to create and perpetuate these benefits. Giving them away to everyone is the best way to devalue them. If people from other countries want the same benefits, they should work for them the same way previous generations of Americans did. You seem awfully quick to give away things that you don't have the right to.

Comment Re:yes (Score 2, Interesting) 1049

Your resume tells a prospective employer about you. An AOL address on your resume could tell the hiring manager that you are either slow to change or perhaps uncaring about what others think about you. Either way, that doesn't sound like someone you would want working for or with you. An AOL address is not the end of the world, but on a resume where you have a page or two to tell a prospective employer about you, why wouldn't you go out of your way to make a good impression?

Comment Re:Aol is one thing but a @hotmail? (Score 1) 1049

To counter that, I use a Hotmail address for my personal email despite being a long time Linux user. I don't put it on my resume because of stupid prejudices like those coming out in this conversation; but it integrates into Pidgin/Thunderbird/KMail nicely and the web mail client has all the features one would expect.

Comment Honest question, forgive me for my ignorance... (Score 1) 1049

...but what exactly is wrong with AOL Mail today? I created an account with it and saw nothing really wrong. Admittedly, I chose AOL because it is a less important account, but the webmail interface is satisfactory, they do not add signatures at the end of the email and offer free IMAP support, something that even Yahoo doesn't do. If the subject was Hotmail I would understand, as they do not offer IMAP and their interface is simply awful. But AOL, from my experience, is a quite good alternative to Gmail.

Comment Re:you've read Hennessy/Patterson/Tannenwhatever (Score 1) 157

Modern x86 gives you 16 integer registers

But not on IA32, which this Atom will be running (desktop Atoms support it, but it will be disabled here). In addition using AMD64 means longer instruction prefixes, negating your "really compact" argument. Of course when smartphones are coming with 512MB RAM (Nexus One), is code compactness really an issue any more?

Thumb2 negates the limitations of Thumb1, giving full access to registers and operations. And it has decent code compactness on top, although I don't know how it compares with x86 - maybe there are some comparisons out there? http://iccd.et.tudelft.nl/2009/proceedings/459Weaver.pdf has some interesting data but neglects to include Thumb.

In the end, ARM is dominant in the mobile and smartphone arena, and backwards compatibility with x86 isn't a concern. Looking at the size of this "phone" it'll require another generation of integration to get x86 competitive in terms of implementation area. In the meantime an 800MHz Atom is going to compare very badly with dual-core >1GHz A9s.

Comment Re:My vetting process is simple. . . (Score 1) 340

Exactly! There's a one-person shop who does a banking app for our local banks, but there is no way on earth I will use his app to connect to my bank. Who knows what he is doing to simulate a login. It's sad though that my own bank does not offer an app to check your account. So the demand is filled by some third party where it should have been filled by my bank instead. When you think about it, the banks are partly responsible for hacked accounts via this third party, since they do not offer an app themselves.

Comment Can I read the data? (Score 1) 38

I am just a lowly user (abbreviation: LUser), so is the bottom line, I can read but not write?

OK with me. Let some clerk do the writing, the important thing is the reading.

Where I work, they apparently don't know how to just let me read, and not write, so I am under orders to not contact the database directly (in fear I will mistakenly issue the command: "FUCKUP all tables"), but I am allowed to use these toy programs that contact the database, then I can scrape their output.


Comment Re:Jesse Ventura (Score 1) 211

I'm being threatened because people like you are supporting the assholes that disturb the hornet's nests for bucks. Excuse me if I don't buy their bullshit.

I forgot to address this statement in my initial response. However, it's too important to let pass because of the monumental ignorance implied therein. You really have no idea whatsoever who Ayaan Hirsi Ali is.

If you have any intellectual honesty in you at all, you should at least do yourself the favor of skimming this article. She's a truly admirable human being and overcame tremendous hardships simply in order to be true to her beliefs. In so doing, and trying to defend the rights of women to simply live their lives how they will, she comes under attack by both the extremists and liberals in the west who see her as "disturbing the hornet's next." And yet she remains positive - an amazing person.

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