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Comment Why is a four-year old (Score 1) 284

still swallowing things like magnets? Seems odd to me. That being said, there are also fake tongue piercing which are rare earth magnets too. Real easy to swallow and they wreak havoc inside the body as well. So I guess even as your child ages you have to constantly keep forbidding stuff.

Comment Re:don't forget the market of fungible commodities (Score 3, Interesting) 619

You are wrong. I don't know about McDonalds, but large-chain supermarkets mix meat from different continents as a matter of course. Since in the Western world we have a fat surplus, they import lean beef from Botswana and mix the two to produce mince. About 60% of your store bought mince comes from Botswana if you shop at large chains owned by Ahold (to name just one).

Comment Completely useless article (Score 2) 140

Okay, so I tried something new and went ahead and read TFA this time. Big mistake. For something supposedly about the icons on electronic you'd expect to see the icons with their meaning printed next to them, right? But not this article! It reads like an SEO meta tag, does nothing to explain what any of those icons mean, and is full of bullshit jargon. Save yourself the trouble and don't read it. As for the slashdot "editors": fuck you guys.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 371

If I saw my CC or Account number in the URL bar...the first thing I would do is cancel my account and look for another service.

My previous bank does this ... but it's not a bad thing. I can access multiple accounts from one place: checking accounts of various businesses I own. When changing account, the URL bar would reflect that. But when I entered account numbers which weren't mine, I got nothing. So the presence of the account number in the URL is not inherently bad.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 237

They have posted news about this event on their home page:

Comcast did not help us fix The Pirate Bay. The problem was GBLX using reverse path filtering. We shut down one of our transits because it was flapping. The result was that all outgoing traffic to GBLX got filtered even though the packets took the same path as before. The Pirate Bay is using different paths for incoming and outgoing traffic to avoid beeing traced. We donâ(TM)t even know where their servers are. We resolved the issue by activating our other transit again.

Right under "We welcome open source projects, non-profit communities and anything that supports free speech and lulz."

Comment Re:Third party (Score 2) 185

Take a deep breath there, cowboy.

It makes sense to offload e-mail delivery to a dedicated party. SMTP best practices, RBLs, proper headers, server capacity, bounce handling are essential to responsible e-mail campaigns.

Almost no business has the intimate knowledge required to operate such a thing in-house. The BEST thing to do it outsource it to a mailing list provider. And the best practice op top of that is to just copy name + email address to the third party, as they have done. And after the breach they have informed their customers proactively too.

Srsly, they did everything 100% right.

Comment Of course it's dead (Score 1) 370

What's funny is that most commenters here miss the point entirely. They're thinking of traditional settings, where you meet someone you've never met, then hand over cards. Of course you're gonna need real business cards.

What TFA is actually about is that traditional way of meeting someone new is beginning to be superseded by first meeting someone online. When you meet someone via Facebook, you are going to have all their contact info already so the point of exchanging a business card to get their telephone number is quite moot. You will already have all the contact info you need.

I suspect in the US/Europe the traditional business card will pretty soon be ritualized even further and be just something to fiddle with while you meet someone IRL. I had stickers made and they do that perfectly. It's been many years since I met someone IRL who I didn't first connect with via email. And if you're thinking in terms of trade shows and the like I have news for you: in ten years or so those will be pretty irrelevant too.

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