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Comment Re: Yay! (Score 1) 181

On a completely unlimited T-Mobile plan right now, and they haven't "weaseled out of it" ...

I'll add "yet" just to be nice, but it was sold last year, not some 15 year old unlimited grandfathered thing from Verizon or AT&T that someone is trying to keep limping along and not get it cancelled... a real unlimited plan.

They did stop selling them, I believe.

Still seem quite happy to take my money and let me use it, however.

Comment Re: Yay! (Score 1) 181

Not to mention he fails to note that...

  a) T-Mobile has sold unlimited plans as recently as a year ago.
            (Sorry if he missed them... 2 people, truly unlimited, $100/mo, add on 6GB per tablet per month for $10/tablet.)

  b) Anyone can turn Binge On on or off in their user profile, and go back to using whatever data cap they paid for with all streaming services running at their usual rates to mobile device anytime they feel like it.

Basically he's whining he gets something for free. Something he could have purchased. So I can't figure out what he's whining about.

Comment Re:I have no debt and a hefty savings account (Score 2) 386

Agreed. We've paid off everything every month for well over a decade, pushing two. They love us. The reason is -- they get money from the merchants just for us using the cards. (The original business model of the cards, long before exorbitant interest rates and penalties.)

They especially love us when we run large items through a card and pay them off.

Considering most good cash back or points cards give roughly 3% of the value of the purchase back to the card holder, that would indicate to me that the merchant is paying at *least* 5% and the card company is keeping 2% or so.

The very nature of the transaction being against small business, whenever we do business with a small business or friends, we pay them in cash. No point in them eating 5%+ of the sale so I can have 3% of it as a cash-back award, and the card company can have 2%. But large businesses that make it easier to pay them with a card than pay them cash? They can eat it... even though we know they simply pass it back to us as a higher price tag.

Comment Re:So roll your own. (Score 1) 716

Yeah... that'd all be great if it were true... but the recent OpenSSL fiasco(s) show that there's significant non-variety in core things (because code-reuse is a good idea on things like crypto, maybe...) but those core things are continually and sometimes dramatically and fatally broken.

The crud layers on top of the core things don't add value when the core is broken.

Comment Re:Militia, then vs now (Score 1) 1633

It's fun to watch you behave like a child, but seriously... Adult conversation would be much more intelligent.

Yelling "la la la, I can't hear you" is precious, but really not up to the level necessary to straighten out Federal Government overreach and over-spending, without requirement that they even have a budget...

If you just vote to print money... and use it to arm Agencies who have no need of weapons, special assault vehicles, blah blah... and then act like you need more tax money from people to do it, when you've over-spent so badly you're just barely paying the interest on the credit card...

It's time to force FedGov to live within their means. This event wouldn't have even occurred (nor anyone cared about it) if they couldn't fund an army of BLM people via debt.

Enjoy the Oligarchy if you like that sort of thing.

Comment Re:Militia, then vs now (Score 1) 1633

I'm more interested in what vested interest you have in this whole thing? Seem pretty riled up for a $330,000 bill.

200 armed agents to collect? And now evidence that they just shot cattle multiple times just to play hut-hut with their guns?

Let's see... myth about Sharpton? It's public record that he's roughly $3.5M behind on taxes. That's not really debatable. Federal employees? Owe over $3B in back taxes. That's also not debatable.

So the idea that folks are all uppity about "the rule of law" is just silly. If they were, they'd have been demanding 200 armed agents go get all that money, and billions more, owed.

Thousands, if not tens of thousands of businesses "ignore court orders" every day. Whoop dee doo. We don't send people armed with automatic weapons to collect. We garnish wages, seize assets in bank accounts, etc.

I see only one group out of control here. BLM. No need to have armed BLM agents, period... and definitely no need to defend them online. Out of control pretend "law enforcement". They can call the Sheriff and let the locals deal with it. Allowing some bureaucrat to call up an Army with no checks-and-balances in the voting booth, is not only ridiculous, it's dangerous.

You weaken your replies by ranting. Try adult conversation.

Comment Re:Militia, then vs now (Score 1) 1633

What do wing nut freedom blogs have to do with the facts of the case? Mr. Bundy, family, and staff forbade the carrying of firearms by the people on his property.

Eric Parker wants to lay on a public bridge on a public road and aim weapons at people, he should probably be arrested. He had nothing to do with Mr. Bundy's situation other than a misguided attempt to "help". He should not have been there, and he should not have taken up arms.

Please show evidence he was asked to be on that road by anyone actually involved in this measly $300,000 civil case. (Yes, $300,000. The $1M number bandied about by the "rule of law" whiners, is after exorbitant "penalties" that any business would make disappear upon settlement with a good lawyer.)

We have hundreds if not thousands of tax dodgers who owe far more than Mr. Bundy. Al Sharpton, comes to mind. $3.5M. He gets the highest "law enforcement" appointee (who illegally ran guns to murderers in Mexico by forcing law-abiding gun stores to sell them, I might add... great law enforcement there...) to speak at his conventions.

Can you find an IRS Top Ten Most Wanted list? I can't. Probably has something to do with who's on it, and which politicians they pay off. FBI Top Ten Most Wanted, no problem. IRS? Nope.

If you're so concerned about Mr. Bundy's back taxes, perhaps you should get an army to surround Al Sharpton's house with 200 rifle-carrying soldiers.

The "BLM Action" currently has an estimated cost of $2M to the U.S. taxpayer. Let's see... if I were asked if I wanted $2M spent to bother a rancher in the Nevada desert for a $330K bill... nope. Not worth it.

Someone else wants that land, and someone at BLM ordered up an Army. Interesting how we haven't heard who that was yet, isn't it? Who at BLM has the authority to assemble a standing army? I'd like to know.

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