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Comment Re:Just curious (Score 1) 113

Lidocaine would be useful in treatment of various problems. A topical lidocaine ointment would be applied to an area prior to performing any work on the area. Benadyrl might be helpful. Valium and Prozac are very different to me. I think that they selected formulas that have been around for a long time.

Comment Re:Revolutionary (Score 1) 454

People seem to think that these technologies should be adopted in order to create societal change. Some have even made recommendations to force these technologies upon the Public to achieve the societal changes. Who authorized you to create societal upheaval? How do you know that you are right? Would it not be better to encourage living within the urban core for those that work in the core? Massachusetts has lost significant population over the years. The density within Boston has actually dropped. All of this really started from the failing school system. Would it not be better to rectify the school system? This is the root issue in many communities.

Comment Re:Wait, what's the problem here? (Score 1) 66

These types of systems should be implemented by the school system. Colleges of today rely upon software with similar features. Several of the packages are open-source. Management of the schools should be cognizant of the issues behind the ClassDojo. Good principals should be against ClassDojo. They should be actively working to eliminate it by ban and the fabrication of a suitable replacement. Recordkeeping should be a principle concern of the management.

Comment Re:Simple fix (Score 1) 158

This principle is dangerous. Most companies do align with each other on ROI and margin. Within two separate industries we could have 10 companies with the same level of gross receipts but wildly different net income amounts. We could actually impose a tax that one of these companies could not bear. Most of the companies would probably have a rate of taxation in excess of the normal range. Such a principle would lead to a tax burden far in excess of the burden held by companies in foreign nations.

Comment Re:Simple fix (Score 1) 158

I believe that corporate tax receipts in the US are higher than the receipts for corporate tax in Japan. Most other countries have significantly lower collections from corporate income taxes. Most of the other countries do not tax income earned by a corporation in another nation. Why should America penalize the corporations with the imposition of a disadvantage? The European countries have a high amount of taxation as a percentage of overall GDP. This is due to their higher rates of taxation on individual incomes. Those tax schemes are more progressive. Corporate income tax serves as a regressive taxation on the middle class. The middle class would bear more of the burden from any increase in corporate income tax versus the rich. The real problem in the system lies with the offspring of liberal institutions such as Harvard. Those schools mint managers that have no sense of fair play. Look at the article in today's WSJ. The problem with Medicare remains on the shoulders of the Doctors. Is the Doctor really ethical when he or she orders a $2500 panel of tests on an 80 year old man in order to evaluate the patient for illegal drug addiction? Is the said Doctor ethical when this doctor places the order on the chart of every patient over 65? Nothing is wrong with Medicare in such an instance. It is a particular person that is taking advantage of the system. Such people should be punished. People should be punished if they set up structures to create transfer pricing. They should face charges for fraud. This does not mean that a loophole exists. Nor is there a need to change anything in the tax structure.

Comment Re:LOL ... (Score 1) 367

I had provided tutoring to non-accounting majors. I discovered that the number of students failing Accounting 101 was high. Throughout the country the class has one of the highest failure rates. I do believe that business school should be pared backwards to consider only things such as accounting. Legal education should be consolidated within the business school. I realistically only see two years worth of material in Law school, which could be incorporated within a Bachelor's degree. Accounting and Legal work do require maturity, experience, and compassion. This is something that is missing from most graduates upon completion of the Bachelor's level. However, the accounting world has a built-in mentoring and progression scheme. The legal world should more closely resemble it. I also look to high schools to change the math curriculum. The Calculus modules should be redesigned with an orientation to a lower grade base. I have been reading articles about teaching more advanced math subjects to elementary students. It is possible. The focus on Geometry for the middle tier is a waste. My old high school tracked the middle tier through 4 years of wasted effort, which culminated in Geometry. Geometry was just memorization, which most of them did not utilize. The people can't even calculate which degree stem they need for changing their handlebar position of their bicycles; important things in every day life are beyond most. Furthermore in the high schools they should promote bookkeeping classes with a consideration of financial acumen in the background. This would help to produce more well-rounded people. They would have a better idea on how to make decisions. Many individuals are commenting on here about the lack of value consideration within decision making by young people.

Comment Re:Ham radio bands (Score 0, Flamebait) 105

Ham radio is full of no code technicians that wear orange hats. They claim to be experts. Yet, they spend much of their time as handheld radio programmers. Massachusetts has said effectively, "NO MORE!" Ham radio runs the Boston Marathon net. This is the last thing in Mass. RACES has been terminated. Official co-operation with the Government has been effectively concluded. Only private organizations are making any compacts with the ARRL ARES organization. -------------- From one of the last extras to pass code.

Comment Re:The Joys of employeehood.... (Score 1) 509

The LLC is not a panema. Withholding requirements for active employee/owners of LLCs are in question by a number of professionals. He probably realized that it would cost a lot in tax to transition to a LLC and he would had to remit payroll tax on the entire amount of income declared as his profit. Who told you that an LLC is good for tax minimization? An LLC is good for holding an asset separate from your main business. This is to help minimize liability from spreading through the rest of the b

Comment Re:Ban guns (Score 1) 2166

::In the UK you have the wonderful example of students rioting in the streets, destroying public and private ::property over increases in tuition :And we managed it without anybody getting shot. Compare and contrast []. You imply that social misfits with a tendency to violence are ACCEPTABLE? I disagree.

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