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Comment Re:IL had free rides to all senior citizens 2008-2 (Score 1) 214

To be clear about exactly what happened.

In 2007~2008 the CTA was having financial difficulties. The Illinois legislature made a deal to bailout the CTA from some financial difficulties.

At the last minute Governor Blago, who is now in jail for trying to sell a Senate set, thew in an additional condition: free rides on all Il public transportation for handicapped and seniors.

It really pissed the legislature off because they had to redo the whole budget, but it got passed. He looked like a hero to seniors and the handicapped.

Eventually he got inmpeached and the new Gov discovered that free rides were not sustainable. So they means tested it.

Keep in mind though, that a largbe part of the cost is due to pensions for Chicago machine "cronies".

Comment Re:Change the law (Score 1) 1429

Right! And also, it's bizarre how electors of a state, say ID, are supposed to turn against the voters of their state and vote for Hilary just b'cos CA has given stolen for Hilary a margin that erases Trump's margin in the rest of the country. If they wanna do that, increase CA's #electoral votes in future elections.


Comment Re: BULL SH!T (Score -1, Flamebait) 548

No eviedence?

Like claiming that Comey only notified Republican House members, then later claiming you didn't know that he informed Democratic House members because you didn't look at page two.

Like telling a mother her son died because of a video when she texted her daughter that it was a terrorist attack?

Like claiming that Comey did not reopen the case. Even though he testified that he was no longer investigating the case, and then wrote a letter saying he was investigating it again. Claiming that's not the definition of "reopen".

Arguing over the definition of a word, where did I hear that before.

Like claiming that a she didn't know what a large C on a document meant.

Like telling the world that the affair with Lewinski was a lie propagated by a "vast right wing conspiracy".

Comment Re:What can be done? (Score 1) 127

First off all price. at $600 you aren't going to buy them often. Plus I'm scared to carry it out n public.

Second off, replaceable storage and battery. By replaceable I mean slide in and out.

I see the RCA line as being the next big thing--the Viking, Galileo and Maven between $80-$150 and comparable to 1st gen Apple's and Samsung's.

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