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Comment Oh Good Lord. (Score 1) 330

Has it occured to any of the "researchers" that his apps on Android and the IPhone are different and may be configured differently? ( Mouse's law on configuration if yiou have N devices you are supporting at least N+1 configurations ).
differnt configurations mean different looking posts. Especially since these are rapidly written posts.

Submission + - What has happened to Eric Snowden? 1

MouseTheLuckyDog writes: Some mysterious going ons on the web is causing people to ask if everything is alright with Eric Snowden. His last two tweets, since deleted, were a cryptic message "it's time" followed a few days later by a 64 character hex string. This combined with the recent move against torrents sites has the more sonpiratorially oriented people speculating that perhaps he is dead and various agencies are slamming torent sites to slow the spread of more Snowden leaks.

So what is up?

Comment COBOL (Score 1) 241

Let us remember that from 1960 to about 2001, the language would have been COBOL not Javascript. None then or now believe it was all that great of a language. For javascript all I can say it is that it is a great write once, take forever to figure out what it is doing language. I'm not to thrilled with prototypes.

The one thing I find really surprising is that C ranks over C++. Sure there are some nasty things that can be done in C++, but I recently looked at some C code. The majority of it was replicating basic data structures and algorithms that could be fond in the STL. Very likely the C++ version would have been tighter or cleaner too.

Comment Re:Oh boy (Score 1) 384

Almost certainly, but it has to piss Bernie Sanders supporters off. This is a guy who supports deregulating banks, who's anti-abortion, who didn't support LGBT rights until 2011.

Whereas Trump insisted on putting Glass_Stegal into the GOP plank.
Trump is Main Street wealthy. He made his money by building things. Hillary OTOH like Wall Street make her money by stealing it.

Trump policies favor main street and disfavor Wall Street. Hillary's policies support Wall Street.

Is there any more to be said/?

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